7 months old

7 months ago today Noah you came into this world crying when the doctors said you wouldn't. It just seems like yesterday I held you in my arms. Many people sent messages or called letting us know they thought of you today. During your brief life, you touched so many others lives my sweet son! Happy 7 month birthday Noah!!! ♥

You weighed a whopping 6lb 10oz when the doctors said you would only be 3-4lbs. You were also 19" just like all 4 of your older siblings. You proved the doctors wrong in many ways and showed us just how big our God really is!!


  1. Hi, I found your blog when I listened to "Hello, Goodbye" on Youtube. I am so sorry for your family's loss. I'm so glad that I found your blog. I delivered a stillborn son two weeks ago tomorrow, so your blog has kind of helped me to feel better as I cope with my and my husband's loss. Your video on Youtube was very touching and brought me to tears. Hello, Goodbye was one of the songs played at our son's memorial service. God bless!

  2. Oh Becca, I'm so SO sorry for your the loss of your precious son and the reason you even found my blog. I surely don't have the answers but it's been a journey of faith leaning on the One who does. If you would like to talk more or just need a listening ear, my email address is faithjoyhope@comcast.net. God bless you!


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