Money Saving Monday- Salad Buffet

We are big salad eaters in this house, especially now that my garden has taken off.  It's only a matter of time till 100% of our ingredients will be coming straight from my own garden. Which means we eat salads about everyday in this house.

Typically in the past, I'd just make a big salad, tossing everything together. But then we had to eat that up within a day or 2 otherwise things started getting soggy or gross after while. And I hate to waste food. It's also a pain to constantly pull out the salad ingredients and make one each & every time you want a salad. 

Then I came up with the idea of using this handy tupperware dish:

Typically you see this at parties with chunks of veggies cut up and dip in the middle. I decided to use each of those spaces to put different salad ingredients in it. 

I change it up all the time so what you see in this picture isn't what I currently have in it. I wash my romaine lettuce & spinach, let dry, then chop up & keep in it's own container. Then I have my handy salad buffet as I call it for everyone to make their own salad at meal time. It makes it so easy to pass around the table rather than 8 different dishes of toppings. Also, everyone can customize their salad with what they want or don't want. The best part is, having all the salad ingredients separated like this, makes it last a long time in the fridge without getting soggy or gross. I also love the ease of it. If I am wanting a quick salad for lunch, I can quickly pull this out, toss in my veggies and maybe throw in some canned tuna, black beans or chopped chicken on top and bam, an easy healthy lunch. If I had to pull out everything to dice & chop each time I wanted a salad, I'd be less inclined to take the time to do it because well, time isn't always something I have extra of in the middle of the day.

I guess you could say not only is this a money saving tip (on making salads last longer) but also a health tip. You are more likely to eat a salad if everything is ready to go and substituting a salad a day can go a long way towards any health goals you may have.

What are some of your favorite salad ingredients? 

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