Those who use google reader

Sorry to interrupt your regular scheduled reading BUT I wanted to make sure ya'll were aware that google reader is disappearing as of July 1st. I know, depressing. I have no idea why google feels the need to mess with a good thing. But I wanted to make sure my readers that use it were aware it's going bye-bye.

With that said, you can follow me with linky blog, networked blogs, rss feed or by email, (all on my side bar) or you could also follow via bloglovin also found on my side bar.

I hope you want to stay in touch!! I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for my dear readers who continue to encourage & pray for me!

Don't forget to check out my latest blog post on how I want to remember your babies gone too soon in honor of Noah's upcoming birthday.


  1. I am wondering is that where you read on your own blog under my blogs? That is where I read from? Thanks for the warning!

    1. No google reader is different than just reading right on your dashboard under your blog, so you are good there. :)


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