A blogging challenge


Things have been a little quiet here at TLB. It might have something to do with just having a baby, haha! And yes, her birth story will soon be shared here. I've had to work at it little bits at a time when I've had 2 free hands.

With that said, I've decided to participate in a blogging challenge this month. The goal is to have 31 posts for the month of July, whether that's 1 every day or skipping a day and having 2 in a day. I am looking forward to the challenge of making up for my quiet month of June. This month I will have more recipes to share, reviews, Ava's birth story & pictures, even a giveaway and whatever else lays on my heart to share with you all! Have something specific you'd like me to chat about or highlight? Click on that contact button on the upper right hand side of my page and let me know. 

Don't forget, if you'd like me to remember your baby in honor of Noah's birthday, don't forget to fill out the form by July 13th!

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