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It's hard to believe Easter is around the corner! We are always looking for new ways to remember & celebrate Easter so we were excited to receive Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs and Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book from Egglo Entertainment to review with our children.

If you can't tell by just the description, one of the products we received were glow in the dark Easter eggs!! What a unique idea! My kids absolutely LOVE egg hunts! The older ones get just as much fun out of hiding them for the younger ones and the little ones love finding them. We also use eggs year round for different learning projects, especially for the younger kids practicing fine motor skills, learning letters, etc.

Products we used:
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The message behind the Egglo program is to remind children that Jesus is the light of the world and that He shines through the darkness & the darkness has not overcome Him. They are reminded of this as they hunt for the eggs in the dark and how we are to be the light the world also.

The Light shines in the dark and the darkness has not overcome it. -John 1:5

This curriculum is geared towards Sunday School programs though it can be adaptable to classrooms, large groups and families with different activities. The target age is 4-13 though we felt 13 is a bit on the higher end. My older children had more fun reading the book to their younger siblings & hiding the eggs rather than actively participating in the hunt or other activities.

How we used this:
Of course when we first got it, my kids just wanted to play with the eggs! They are put together differently than traditional plastic eggs. Rather than a top & bottom, you have 2 sides to put together.  We received a dozen colored eggs, half of them that had a cross on them. Half of them were left plain so you could decorate with stickers. They are study eggs and held up to a lot of play! They are about the size of regular Easter eggs and can be filled with all sorts of things, including the little Bible scrolls that we received that have Bible verses on them.

They need to be "charged up" by light. While you can use sunlight or just letting them sit out for a few hours, we found the best way to make them brighter is to stick them directly under a reading lamp where they were close to the light. Even still, the charge doesn't last terribly long so we would do a hunt immediately after hiding them so they were still visible (though check out the end of my review for another way we used these!) Because it was still super cold with 2 feet of snow on the ground during the review, we held our egg hunts inside although we look forward to warmer weather & doing this activity outside!

Once I got my kiddos to chill with the eggs, we looked over the program/curriculum guide for activity ideas. This is a 60 page downloadable guide that gives many ideas to make this program a huge event from invitations, to recipe/snack ideas, printable coloring pages, decorations, etc. Based on all that was included, this would be an amazing resource for a church or for a local outreach wanting to hold a unique Easter program. Many churches in my area do a special Easter hunt or carnival but how neat it would be to hold a special night time hunt that would depict how Jesus is the light of the world!!!

My children love to read so we sat down together to read the "Egg-cellent Easter Adventure". Two siblings and their cousin were excited for a night time glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. To kill time until the hunt, they went to the attic to look for a game but came across a glowing Easter egg. Before they knew it, they were transported back in time on a special adventure. I don't want to spoil what all transpired, but needless to say they came across many unique adventures that taught biblical lessons. They were given scrolls like the ones we received to put in the eggs. At the end, they "discovered" the treasure and the gospel was presented. The book is 39 pages and was beautifully illustrated with detailed pictures.

After reading the book once through with my kids, we listened to the audio version. It is about 30 minutes long and for non-readers, it includes a chime that tells them when to turn the page. While this is a nice addition or great for a child to follow along with when mom or dad isn't available to read to them, my children preferred to either read it themselves or have me read it. 

Not only can you use the glowing eggs for learning about Easter, you can use the glow-in-the-dark eggs year round! Play egg toss in the dark or let your child go to bed with the egg so they can be reminded of Jesus' light as they fall asleep. Maybe have a scavenger hunt for a birthday party with special prizes hidden inside! Egglo Entertainment gives many suggestions of ways to use your eggs year round.

We actually had a major winter storm go through while reviewing this product and we lost power right about when evening hit and light was fading. My children have these small finger lights and they got the idea to put the lights inside the eggs which gave them a bright "flashlight effect", allowing them to read books for the evening and to be able to see their way around the house!! They also hid them around the house since it was totally dark!

Taken without a filter or flash, that is literally how bright they were with a finger light inside the egg!

Overall, we thought this was a well thought out program with so many options & ideas to personalize it for whatever venue you want to use it in. I like how the glowing eggs are a reminder of Jesus' light in the darkness & every time we use these eggs that's the first thing we think of! I do think to fully utilized all the wonderful ideas & resources with this program, it would be perfect for use in a Sunday School , co-op or ministry outreach program though you can definitely use this for your family as well! We plan to pull this out again in the coming weeks to prepare for Easter.

They are currently having a sale right now so check out their prices (the ones I quoted are their regular prices).

You can also connect with Egglo Entertainment to get even more resource ideas at:

Full glow in the dark Easter egg hunt kit is $54.99 right now!

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