Minion Pinewood Derby Car

My son participates every year in our churches boy's club Pinewood Derby Race. This year was no different. He decided ahead of time that he wanted to make a minion for his car. My brother has always helped him shape his car then I usually help him with design in painting and putting his wheels on. He was pretty tickled how his car came out this year and enjoyed having one of his co-op friends come along to watch the race!

He got to pick his number. Notice what he chose?? #13 in honor of his precious brother Noah's birthday as he was born on the 13th!!! His special way of including Noah!!

Erik's car just ready to cross the finish line!

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  1. Hi Jenn, I'm a single mom of 5 boys and have done more than my share of Cub Scout pinewood derby races but am looking forward to trying them again when my surprise little guy starts scouting in a year and a half - where does the time go?

    I found your site through one in the #UBP14. What a beautiful family you have and what a powerful and tangible example you provide to the rest of us that Love is stronger than death. I am so sorry for your heartbreak and will add you to my prayers tonight. God Bless...


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