How I Earn FREE Gas!!!

With today's economy, many of us try to do our best to be frugal & save money wherever we can. But unfortunately, gas is one of those necessary evils we really can't do without and the prices seem to keep going up. What if I were to tell you that you can earn free gas?! Granted, not every grocery store offers a gas incentive program and while the store I use, Giant, is a chain store, I realize it's not available everywhere. If your store offers a gas points program though, you should be able to use some of these tips. And if you aren't sure if any of your grocery stores offers a gas incentive program in your area, I'd encourage you to find out.

Since we always have to buy gas and can't get around that, why not get groceries AND gas for the same price or LESS than what it would cost you to get gas alone??

Lately, Giant has had gas deals where if you buy a certain amount of items (usually 4-7 products) you can earn $.30-$.50 off per gallon up to 30 gallons of gas. What makes these gas deals even sweeter is when they are what I call a "money maker" where I may only pay $7 for groceries but earn $12 in gas!

If you are scratching your head wondering what in the world I'm talking about, let me show you some examples of products I got that I made money on.

See that deer park water? I purchased 7 of them which cost me $6.16 BUT I earned $9 in gas so it was almost a $3 money-maker. Just to note, you do not have to buy 7 of the same item. As long as you buy 7 items from that grouping you will get the gas deal. Most deals for me work out better getting the same item due to cost & coupons I am using.

In this section, the hefty foam plates were $1.67 each. To get this gas deal, I had to purchase 6 which equaled $10. Then I had coupons I printed from for $1 off 2, so I used 3 of them bringing my total down to $7. Then when you calculate the free gas earned, I got $15 worth of gas for only $7!!!

To calculate how much free gas you earn, take the amount per deal you can earn times 30 gallons which is the max amount you can receive. So using the above $.50 per gallon, that would be $.50 x 30=$15.00 of gas. 

This week, Scunci hair products were $.50 off plus for every 4 you purchased you received $.40 off per gallon. The Easter hair ties were included so I paid $.49 a pack. So for every 4, I paid $1.96 but I earned $9 in free gas!!! I ended up getting $15 worth of hair ties but I earned $72 in gas, can't beat that deal!

Tissues were another money-maker this week. They are on sale 2/$4. For every 4 that you buy, you get $.30 off per gallon plus there is a coupon for $.55 off 3 (which Giant doubles to $1). And on top of that, when I bought 8, a catalina coupon printed off at the register for $2 off my next shopping order of anything! So to break it down:

I bought 8 boxes which was $16
I used 2 coupons which brought my total to $14
I earned $.60 off per gallon of gas which gave me $18 of gas for only spending $14
AND I earned a $2 off coupon for next time I shop!!! Hey, tissues are something you always need especially with upcoming allergy season.

Just another picture of some grocery items I've gotten in the past that were also money makers! 

I personally try to stick with the gas deals that either break even (I spend $12 but get $12 in free gas) or the deals that are money makers as I shared above. I haven't had to buy gas in 2 months thanks to the great gas deals I've been getting!! In fact, I filled up 2 of our vehicles yesterday using 60 gallons of gas which typically would've cost me $220 but I got it all for free spending 1/3 of that amount in groceries thanks to the money-making gas deals!! 

To get the full benefit of this program, you want to get your full 30 gallons. I realize not all vehicles will hold 30 gallons worth of gas. Giant's rules are you can only fill 1 vehicle per transaction BUT you can fill gas cans in addition to your vehicle. So what I did was I invested in 3 5 gallon gas can (I got mine on sale for $9.99).

So what I do is run my vehicles to about where I only have 1/4 tank of gas left. Then I take my gas cans with me, fill up my vehicle and then put the rest of  my 30 gallons in my gas cans. Then as our vehicles empty a bit, we use the gas from the gas cans to fill them up. By the time we use up the gas in the cans and run our vehicles low in gas, I have enough points earned again for more free tanks of gas!

Do you have a store you shop at to earn free gas? Would you be interested in me putting up a page to share weekly gas deals?


  1. Wow! I have to look into this. I just moved back home to Ohio so the grocery system and gas deals here are all new to me. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Awesome savings Jenn! My local Kroger has a fuel points program that helps alot.

  3. Nice sharing. i would like to thanks for the wonderful tips. keep on sharing.


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