"A" is for About Me!

A fellow blogger friend has been doing a series called "Blogging Through the Alphabet" for the last few years. Each week, bloggers pick a topic that starts with the letter of the week. I figured I would jump on board and see if I can make this happen! (feel free to message me ideas if you'd like to see anything specific here!)

 As I was pondering "A" for this week, "All About the Author" jumped into my head!I thought I would share some little known facts about me, the writer behind Treasuring Life's Blessings.

Me. Waaaay back!

-I did not know I was having twins until I was 36 wks pregnant! (they were my first so how would I know any different!)  In fact, I was supposed to have a homebirth. Ironically I was barely 100lbs when I got pregnant & only gained 25lbs with them (they hid until the end). I was induced at 40wks and they were 5lbs 6oz & 6lbs 2oz, both 19". I left the hospital in my normal clothes.

-I have had a total of 17 teeth removed! (some permanent, many baby teeth due to a small mouth & overcrowding). No wonder I hate the dentist. I was majorly traumatized due to how it was handled. :(

-My husband & I have the same birthday so we got married on our birthdays! I turned 19 the day we married, he turned 24. It'll be 16 yrs this year! (September 24th)

-When I was 17, I flew to Lima, Peru alone to live there for half a year teaching Kindergarten & 1st grade as an educational missionary. I had to teach english to these kiddos who only spoke spanish. I experienced such a great growth in my life during this time and it was such an amazing opportunity! I still wish I had stayed like they asked me to.

I wish I knew where these kiddos were at today. They would be in their early 20's!!!!! (man I feel old!)

-I used to be fluent in spanish due to the above living situation. While I can still understand most of a spanish conversation, my fluency in speaking is more like "spanglish" since I didn't have anyone to talk to in spanish when I came home.

-I have a love of biking and my longest bike race was 81 miles just 2 months after I gave birth to Noah.

I'm in the red shirt.

-I have a super hyper sense of smell.

-Due to said hyper sense of smell, my weak point is that I have a hard time when anyone pukes.

-Thankfully, as an EMT, I have no problems with handling anything medically (blood, broken bones, CPR, etc). Except vomit. HATE vomit. If you are my patient and mention feeling a tad nauseous, you will find a emesis bag in your face faster than you can say puke.

-I've been a volunteer EMT almost 13 years, a doula almost 10 years and a CPR/First Aid instructor 6 years. Next up is getting my RN. My heart is with labor & delivery as well as a lactation consultant (I've nursed all my kids including my twins). Since my son died, I also have a heart to minister to other families who have lost a child and provide the clinical support I was sadly not given.

-I LOVE sushi!!! With lots of wasabi!

-I play piano, saxaphone & flute. I own a piano & saxaphone and hope to someday get a flute again. Music has always been soothing to my soul and as a teen I was known to sit & play for hours on any of the instruments.

Me in 2008

-I love to travel and have been to over 15 countries, some several times. I would even be willing to live abroad if called!

-I secretly love "Anne of Green Gables" books/movie!

-I am a bookworm and will devour books if I have time (which I do typically when I can't sleep).

-In high school, I competed as a clown in a national competition. And placed. I later worked as a clown and got my kids involved. And worked as a chicken with them. Hey, it paid money!!! lol

After this above competition, we were asked to be in the Mummer's Day Parade in Philly which we did & placed, winning $100 and a trophy!

So to sum up myself, I am a daughter of the King and my awesome parents Doug & Deb. I am blessed to be a mom to my 7 precious children. I love & treasure those friends who have continued to be by my side since my son's death. I enjoy being able to be used by God in trying to bless others in any way possible. I love to garden to provide fresh food for my family. I have a love of cooking and can always be found trying new things in the kitchen. I am thankful to be able to homeschool my children & am grateful to be able to spend my days with them! Thank you for taking the time to check in & read here at Treasuring Life's Blessings!

Ben and Me


  1. Oh I sooooo loved this post! Loved learning more about you.....and who knew the saxophone could be so sexy ;)

    1. lol You crack me up! ;) That was me just being silly & playing around with my camera & new backdrops I had gotten. ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing! It's a pleasure to meet you through your "A" post. I was brought to tears as I clicked around and read your grief journey. I, too, carry around the nameless title and have buried a son. I still struggle with the grief, very quietly. Thank you for walking me through another step in this earthly healing.
    ~Addelah whisperedabundance.com

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post & especially about my son. I am so sorry you also know the heart-wrenching pain of losing a child. I just read your "about you" on your blog, we have a lot in common!! Blessings!

  3. This is an awesome post! I loved learning all these fun facts about you!!! I can't believe that about the twins...you must of been so shocked:) Your one AMAZING mamma!

    1. I WAS shocked! I had already had a small baby shower before finding out so I had to scramble myself to get doubles of things and come up with new names since we didn't know the genders! I can hardly believe they are almost 15!!!

  4. Jenn, always enjoy reading your posts, but loved especially getting to know you better with this one! DIdn't know you spoke Spanish!

  5. Aww you are so sweet! :) This was a lot of fun sharing like this so I might have to do this every so often. ;) And yes, I wish I was still fluent like I used to be!

  6. What a fun post for A. I love the random and interesting things about you.

  7. so fun to learn more about you!


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