"C" is for "Creating Awareness"

If you've been a follower of Treasuring Life's Blessings for awhile, you know that my blog started 4 years ago when we received the fatal diagnosis of my son Noah. (This month actually is the anniversary date).

Since the death of my son, I have realized the taboo that surrounds infant death and just how isolating it can be. The people that you expected would remain by your side aren't there or up & left. Meanwhile you are struggling to find the new normal while others critique you for being honest in sharing where you are at. (which is why so many women keep quiet about their thoughts & feelings to avoid being judged). People assume that once our baby dies, we should no longer include them in our family life such as birthdays. Would you forget & not celebrate one of your living children? It's no different for a baby who died. Just because they aren't here doesn't mean their brief life shouldn't be celebrated. We aren't celebrating the fact that they died, we are celebrating the joy their life brought us. It's so hurtful to see how many people ignore the birthdays of babies who aren't here. I can tell you sending a card for that child's birthday is one of the best gifts you can give a family on such a bittersweet day!!

It's also assumed that those who have had babies die should be quicker to "get over" our grief than someone who has lost an older child. Somehow it's assumed that the length of life one lives equals the depth of grief experienced which is so not the case! You don't love one of your older children more than a baby you might have just had. You love them all with the same fierce love and so it is with grief. In fact a friend of mine who lost an older son after Noah had died shared with me that she felt in some ways I might have it a little harder as she at least had memories with her child. She knew her child's laughter, personality and knew the type of person her child was turning into. All of which I never got to experience with Noah.

Because of the stigma surrounding infant death, I have wanted to help break the silence in helping other bereaved moms know that they aren't alone as well as help educate other who haven't gone through this in knowing how to help. So many women feel alone in what they are going through which is why I continue to try and share my grief journey here. I have gained some of the deepest & dearest friendships because of Noah and what all we've gone through. Did you know 1 in 4 women experience miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death? That is a lot of hurting mommas out there yet you rarely hear much about it.

But the silence is about to be shattered in a HUGE way!!

Hollywood puts out all sorts of movies about anything and everything yet they have never made a movie about infant death. Why? Because no one wants to talk about or face the difficult things that goes along with it.

That has finally changed!

A movie I have help support & promote, Return to Zero, is being aired May 17th 8pm EST on Lifetime. It's based on a true story of the producer Sean & his wife whose son Norbert was stillborn. (no, I have not seen it yet but have read many great things about the movie). Minnie Driver and Paul Adelstein star in it and have both shared their thoughts  about the movie

So I urge you to please take the time this Saturday evening to watch this movie! Sean's movie is the voice so many of us have longed for. It's our hope & prayer that many eyes will be opened to what all we face after the death of a baby as well as bringing comfort to those who walk this path to know that they aren't alone. Check out the preview here! And remember to watch the ending credit as you will see my son Noah's name listed in a special section!!!

Noah & I

Ben and Me

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  1. Do you know if I'm able to watch it online somewhere as we don't get Lifetime....and you do a very good job at creating awareness. I have learned much from your journey! <3 And I'm loving this blog your way through the alphabet!

  2. No I don't think there is a way to watch online. :( It's going to come out on DVD plus I am recording it for anyone who wants to come see it before it comes out on DVD. And thank you, it's nice to know that others have learned through my sharing. <3 Feel free to join in the abc blogging (that pic is clickable for others to join in!)


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