Good Ole Southern Seafood Boil!

Some of you may remember several months ago when I shared about my trip to Alabama to visit my best friend. While there, I got to experience my first crawfish boil! Let me tell ya, you couldn't get seafood any fresher than what we did. Both the crawfish and shrimp were caught the same day we ate it (& the shrimp there come with the heads still on!) When I got home, I told the kids I would do a seafood boil for them sometime over summer when we could get corn on the cob and little red potatoes fresh from the farm (to make up for not being able to get fresh seafood lol).

One of my many servings I had in Alabama!

I went to Amazon to purchase my seafood boil seasoning, Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seafood Seasoning since it's hard to find this sort of thing around here.

Prepping the food, I cut the earns of corn in half and soaked the clams in salt water (it makes them spit out debris) 

The neat thing about making this meal is that everything gets cooked in one large pot together (though I forgot to take a photo of this part). You start out with the potatoes since they take the longest to cook, then you add things in one by one according to the length of time it takes to cook (smoked sausage or kielbasa is next, followed by the corn, clams then shrimp). I wasn't able to get crawfish so since my kids love clams, I used those in place of the crawfish.

Seafood boil
The finished product on the table! If we were eating outside, I could've just put some butcher paper down and laid it all out. I had melted butter to dip the clams into.

A close up of the food, yum!!

To give you a rough idea how much I made, we had 2lbs of shrimp, 50 clams, 2lbs of sausage, 1 dozen ear of corn and about 2-3lbs of little red potatoes. 

We all absolutely LOVED this meal and I'd like to start a tradition of making this once a summer for a special treat! 

Have you ever had a crawfish or seafood boil?


  1. I am not into seafood but this looks amazing. How are the kids doing? How are you doing? Miss seeing your blogs. hugs from my family to yours <3

    1. Thanks so much Maria! We are all doing pretty good! Stayed busy this summer with canning & freezing from my garden as well as camping. Hopefully as the weather turns cooler, I'll have more time to crank out some more blog posts. Hope you & your family are well! :)


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