Yet Another School Year

So I am a week late posting this, what else is new! Even though we started our homeschooling year earlier in August, last Tuesday was the kids first day back to co-op. The kids were excited to go back, mainly to see their friends!

This year is a bittersweet year for me. If Noah were still here, he would be starting kindergarten. I admit I really broke down before co-op started. The realization that this is yet another major milestone we are missing out on really brought me to my knees. When your child dies, you not only miss them every day for the rest of your life, you are also left to face all the missed milestones, unfulfilled dreams and plans you had for that child. And this is NOT easy!

I am thankful for the friends that acknowledged this painful missed milestone with their notes, texts and prayers.

Of course, a first day back to co-op isn't complete without a 1st day photo. Since we homeschool, this is the closest we get to "first day photos" that everyone else posts and shares on social media.

Without further ado, we have:

2- 10th graders (say WHAT!)
a 9th grader
a 7th grader
a would-be Kindergartner who is already full of knowledge in Heaven
a pre-K4
and a goofy toddler full of life!

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