Throwback Thursday-Anniversary & Birthday Style!

I know, you are scratching your head at the title of this post huh?

Well, today, exactly 17 years ago, literally on a Thursday evening, my husband and I got married. Now, I'm sure you are asking WHY a Thursday evening? Well, my husband and I have the same birthday (though he is 5 years old than I am) so we decided to make it one big day and get married on our birthdays. (I'm thinking it was an excuse for him to not forget the date! lol) We joke that we were each others birthday gift (and hey, not many people can say they had their guests sing Happy Birthday to them before cutting the wedding cake, HA!)

Excuse the quality of the photos as this was before digital cameras (ha!) and this is also a photo of the pictures. Hard to believe we've been married 17 years!!! Almost half my life! LOL

In these 17 years, we've been through more than most couples ever experience in a life time and by the grace of God, here we are!

Our biggest accomplishment as a couple has been our amazing children!!

This photo is from our cruise last year.

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary Dear!

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  1. so beautiful <3 Happy anniversary and happy birthday to each of you :-)


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