And She Bought a Car

Life has been flying by in the blink of an eye! It is SO true what they say, kids grow up SO fast! I can't believe my oldest 2 will be official adults later this year. The twins have been keeping their eyes out to each buy a car. Sarah recently found a local car and after my dad and I researched it and asked some questions of the seller via email, we made time to go check it out.

I appreciate my dads knowledge of cars as well as his relational skills. While I know of some things to look for in buying a car, it was nice to have him along to fill in the gaps on what I don't know.

After thoroughly checking out many things on the car and asking a bunch of questions, we took it for a test drive. Sarah said she wanted my dad to drive it so we took a big country block drive. He was impressed at how the car responded and said he felt confident she was looking at a good car.

Again, his skills at talking came in handy. Sarah ended up getting the car for $400 less than the asking price (she honestly got an amazing deal!). We were able to settle at that point and buy the car (which Sarah paid for fully in cash from her hard earned money!) It's a 2003 Hyundai Accent.

The person before this previous owner really tweaked the car, making it sporty! She has a bunch of add ins. Her guy friends said she got a great deal and really like her car! She hasn't stopped grinning since getting her car! She already washed & detailed it even in this cold weather.

Congrats girl on your first car!! 😊

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