The Beginner's Bible Review

My little ones love reading books! We have a vast library of children's classic books as well as a lot of books based on Bible stories. One book that we recently were given to check out is the new updated version of The Beginner's Bible from Zonderkidz.

The Beginner's Bible

The Beginner's Bible is a hardcover book with 511 pages. Each page contains bright, colorful artwork that brings each of the 90 stories to life! The pages are a thicker, glossy page compared to most regular books which means it holds up well to little hands turning them and lessens the chance of the pages tearing. The beginning of the book as a page where you can personalize it with a child's name. There is also a table of contents page that lists all the stories by name.

Just like a regular Bible contains the old and new testament, this children's Bible also has stories from both the old and new testament. The stories are laid out in chronological  order starting out with the creation story in the old testament with the end of the book telling the story about the return of Jesus in the new testament. The back of the book contains a dictionary of words which is a handy reference for a child who just started out reading on their own.

Each of the 90 stories is a retelling of the Bible story in easy to understand wording for children. Under each of the story titles is the Bible verse to reference the exact verses that the story is a paraphrase of. It's nice to have the verse handy so we can pull out the regular Bible to dig a bit deeper into the story (especially for older children).

The stories are fairly short and thus keep the attention span of little ones. The recommended age for this Bible is 4-8 but I'd definitely say it's a great book for read-a-louds with even toddlers.

To add even more to this delightful children's Bible, there are a bunch of resources to tie in with it such as:

The Beginner's Bible is a wonderful way to introduce young children to Bible stories as well as a great book for emerging readers to practice their reading skills before diving into reading a regular Bible.

I primarily used this as a read aloud book with my 3 & 5 yr old for their daily Bible story. They loved looking at the pictures and talking about the details they saw in each of them. I would occasionally print out a coloring page for them that went along with the story we had just read. Sometimes I would reference the Bible verses where the story came from & go over a specific verse with them. With the added resources, we were really able to do more than just read over the story.

Overall, I see this book becoming a much well read & loved book in our household!

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

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