My CVS Savings for 2016

If you've followed my blog for a little while, you know that I absolutely LOVE shopping at CVS and get TONS of free or low cost deals. The CVS app keeps track of how much money you've saved over the entire year so I wanted to document here how much my daughter and I saved so we can look back to compare it to coming years.

Because we both purchase things, we have 2 cards (she has one and I have one). So that is why you see 2 different savings amounts below, but CHECK IT OUT!!!

Our total savings for the year was $4079.41!!!!!! My out of pocket cost for the year was approximately $125. That's right, a little over $100 for over $4000 worth of products!!! The second card savings isn't as high as we only started using it this past summer.

We hope we can do just as well again this year!

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