I love CVS

Ya'll, can I just say I was blessed to score some MAJOR deals this last week from CVS. First off, if you don't have their app on your phone, download it and tie your CVS card to it. This allows you to see your personal coupons they send you each week. You can use their store coupons AND manufacturers coupons stacked together which is how I am able to get some amazing deals.

Last Saturday, I got 7 bottles of expensive (in my opinion) shampoo and conditioner along with 4 toothbrushes, all for $2.08!!! PLUS I got back $19 in extra care bucks!!
CVS, checkout51

You can see by the receipt I saved 97%!!! I had some manufacters coupons plus some CVS coupons that allowed me to stack coupons and save big time. I also used some extra care bucks from a previous order.

This week though I practically got my order for free!! I got 4 packs of diapers, 4 men's deodorant, & 3 tubes of toothpaste (well and skittles but only because my son wanted me to pick them up to give to hubby for Father's Day so since they were part of the purchase, that's why they are in the photo lol). My out of pocket total was $6.34! BUT I saved another $5 due to 2 apps on my phone (you can also access them on the computer, see below). I also got back $19 in extra care bucks!!

cvs, savingstar

Can you believe I saved $75!?!

Have you heard of Checkout 51 ? Well, I got another $3 back on my purchase of the Pampers diapers. All I had to do was take a pic of my receipt. Right now, if you click on this link, sign up before June 29th and upload your first receipt by July 20th, you'll get $5 back!

I also saved $2 on the deodorant by using Savingstar. In fact, I forgot I had money sitting in this account from previous savings so I cashed it out to my paypal. Gotta love free money all because of purchasing everyday items.

Do you have a CVS near you? Don't forget to check out those websites I shared to help YOU start saving more money!!

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