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My children and I are all book worms and enjoy reading so Erik was excited to review Indian in the Cupboard E-Guide from Progeny Press recently. This E-Guide is geared for middle school, grades 6-8.

Progeny Press is a Christian company that provides study guides for students to go along with quality literature. Their goal is to get students reading and digging deep into literature while tying scripture in with each guide. They have study guides for as young as kindergarten all the way through to 12th grade. They offer the study guides in 3 different formats. You can purchase a CD, a printed workbook, or a downloadable E-Guide. We were given a copy of the E-Guide as well as the answer key file.

The benefit of the E-Guide is that it is available immediately and saves on shipping costs. The other bonus to the E-Guide is that you can type the answers right onto the PDF file and save it on the computer, hence the interactive name. Because my son is more of a hands on person, we chose to print the study guide for him to write on. Below is a screen shot of the interactive E-Guide. You can see the box is blue where the student is to type their answers. Just make sure to save  the file each time they work on it!

This particular study guide is 47 pages long and accompanies The Indian in the Cupboard by author Lynn Reid Banks. It starts out with a note to the instructor on how to best use the study guide. It is recommended for the student to have a dictionary, thesaurus, Bible and access to the internet. (Both the dictionary and thesaurus can be found online which is what my son used). They recommend taking 8-10 weeks to complete a study guide.

After the note to the instructor, there is a brief synopsis of what the book is about followed by a page of information about the author of the book. There is also a section that gives pre-reading activities if you choose to have your student complete this. For this study guide, they suggested to do some research on the Iroquois Indians and the French and Indian war.

The next part of the study guide is broken up into 6 sections. Each section covers 2-3 chapters of the book. Each section has a variety of activities to complete. A vocabulary page starts off each section. This is a great way for the student to learn new words from each chapter. They could also be used as spelling words. There are also questions about the chapter for the student to answer. Some of these questions put the student in the characters shoes to view things from their point of view and how they might have felt.

Each section ends with a few "dig deeper" questions. This is the area that scripture is tied into the story and often morals are talked about. Usually the student is asked to look up Bible verses and to think about a time they might have been in a predicament like the character of the book.

Erik usually read about a chapter a day and every couple of days he would fill in the questions on the study guide. He really enjoyed this book and has since gotten the sequel to it! We like the Progeny Press E-Guides as it gets my kids reading quality books and helps them to think more about the book, characters and the overall story that the author is trying to convey.

A few years ago, we reviewed Anne of Green Gable & Hunger Games E-Guides with my older girls. They liked being able to type their answers right onto the PDF. There are over 100 study guides available. Click on the link below to read reviews of some of the other available study guides!

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