Sisterly Love

I am really blessed that all my kids get along very well. Sure, they are like most siblings and have their occasional spats, but for the most part, they truly enjoy each other. I think homeschooling has really solidified their relationships, even with the age differences.

Just yesterday, I witnessed some sweet moments between kiddos number 6 & 7, aka, Olivia and Ava. Most mornings they wake up and greet each other like it's been months since they've seen one another. It's SO sweet! About 7am, I was sitting in my rocker in my room nursing Mia when they both woke up and crawled into my bed together and proceeded to snuggle.

Last night, again, I was sitting in my rocker in my room nursing Mia and they of course crawled into my bed. The older kids were at youth group. Next thing I know, Olivia is "reading" to Ava. She had her letters correct but then made up a story to go with them. Ava just snuggled on her while she read.

Then when Olivia was done reading, Ava laid on her and Olivia proceeded to rub her hair. Didn't Ava fall asleep on Olivia!! While they are similar in size, Olivia very much acts like the older sister and is such a great big sister!

Oh how God is redeeming & blessing us! We are continuing to strive to break the cycle of dysfunction one step at a time! We will always encourage & nurture our children's relationships together in the way God intended families to be! And because of this, I have full faith knowing my children will always be close and each others best friends. We are so thankful for redemption!

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