Blessings Abound

This last week has been full of blessings for the kids and I despite living with a lot of unknowns right now.

My mower wasn't working right last Wednesday and my grass desperately needed mowed. I was feeling defeated (and this was after a rough day the previous week where the hot water heater leaked everywhere, my van left me sit while trying to get the new heater, my cell phone died so I couldn't call for help, etc).

I had finally gotten a hold of my brother and he said to bring the mower to him. He serviced it including it needing new blades (chunks were missing in the old one!) But what was pretty amazing, that literally while I was at my brother's house and he was just starting to look at my mower, I received a text from his pastor asking if my yard needed mowed!!! WOW Talk about God timing! I shouldn't have been surprised. I've learned that God will give you what you need the second you need it, and not a minute before. Whether that is peace, grace, something in the form of help, etc.

Then on Saturday, I went to a yard sale where I found a few pieces of clothing for the kids for $.50, a needed step stool for $.75 and a bike for $3 that I am saving for Ava's upcoming birthday.

As we were coming home from the yard sale, I came across a nursery that had a sign out for free pansies! I've been wanting to plant some flowers like I do every year but have had to pinch pennies lately so I didn't want to spend the money on flowers. So we got plenty of them to plant in my many flower beds! All for free!

Then we had gotten notice on our Auntie Ann's app that we had free soft pretzels so we picked up several free soft pretzels!

As if THAT all wasn't enough (keep in mind, this all happened in ONE day), my neighbors who are moving mentioned they had a few pieces of furniture they were getting rid of and asked if I wanted to take a look. A sofa that they were just going to throw out was in much better condition than one of mine so we got that. Also, I've been wanting shelves for my school room/storage room for quite some time but hadn't found any affordable. Well, they had 2 sets of nice shelves that are exactly what I had wanted!! She had already bought tags for some of the items to get picked up by trash, so I bought those from her so the things I am replacing can go straight to the trash and I don't have to figure out how to get rid of them!

God has really been providing for us lately! These gifts are His way of showing us that He cares about us. Even though satan may be trying to cause us harm, ultimately GOD is in control! All we have to do is continue to faithfully follow Him and He will protect and provide for us!!


  1. What an encouraging testimony!!! <3

  2. Wow, that is so divine! Oh and you have to buy tags for trash? Huh! Here, we have a big trash pick up by the town twice a year and we also have echo centers to drop stuff that can be recycled b that are too big for the recycling bin.

  3. You deserve every bit of happiness that you are receiving! Carol Bell


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