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Learning to read and write cursive seems to be falling by the wayside in the main stream schools anymore. I personally want my children to learn it. Even if they rarely write with it (thanks to everything being typed anymore), they should be able to read it as there are so many historical documents that are in cursive. We recently had the chance to try out CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive from CursiveLogic.

CursiveLogic is just like the name states, a logical way to learn to write in cursive! They have a unique approach in teaching cursive using a multi-sensory approach. Did you know there are just 4 basic letter shapes that make up cursive writing? This is the approach this company uses in teaching cursive. They don't teach the letters in alphabetical order but rather group the same shapes together and teach them in that order.

By teaching the similar shaped letters together in a group, the student gains muscle memory in forming those shapes and allowing for a smooth movement and transition between them. In addition to grouping similar shapes together, each of the 4 different group shapes also have a different color. If you have a visual learner, this helps them remember which shape to form by simply seeing the color each group represents.

And if those approaches weren't enough, there are key phrases for each group that the student repeats as they shape each letter. The phrase reminds the child how they are to form each letter which is yet another way to reinforce cursive writing.

This workbook is a 112 page, spiral bound, consumable curriculum that contains 3 laminated pages that can be used with a dry erase marker for unlimited practicing. Each lesson is marked by Day 1, Day 2, etc and there is no teacher book needed as all the instructions are contained in this book. In fact, also included with this workbook, is access to a 12 month online webinar. This shows you exactly how to teach cursive with a 50 minute video. It provides tips and tricks on how to implement the program and get the most out of CursiveLogic. It really was helpful to see someone "live" showing you what to do rather than just reading instructions and trying to interpret it. It was shared on VIMEO so it was easy to access.

The other neat part of this curriculum we received was The Art of Cursive coloring book. This is geared towards adults and helping to improve your cursive handwriting but an older child who has mastered cursive could also use this. There are practice phrases in there that you write out and then pages for you to color that have the different curves and moves built into the coloring page to solidify the movement. Again, all about muscle memory. This is a relaxing way to work on mastering and practicing cursive.

My 14 year old son is the one who has been working on this curriculum. At first he wasn't too keen on using it but his handwriting in general needs some work. As he worked his way through the lessons though, he said he was enjoying it and it wasn't as hard as he expected. He also felt like he was seeing an improvement with his handwriting. He will be finishing up this workbook and I will also have him work his way through The Art of Cursive once he is finished the workbook.

This curriculum is one that we highly recommend due to the ease of teaching cursive. In my many years of homeschooling, this has been the easiest way for my children to learn to read and write cursive. Right now, they are offering our readers 20% off through the end of March so check it out!

The Art of Cursive & Quick Start Cursive {Cursive Logic Reviews}
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