Yes, Mayo is an odd title for a blog post BUT I just have to share how God not only meets our needs but our wants as well!

So for most things, I am totally cool with store brands. But over the years, I have come to really like Hellmann's Mayo. Don't get me wrong, I won't pay full price for it but wait until it's on sale usually at Costco. Their huge jar is just $4.99 (regular stores it's $9 for this size jar).

The kids and I had subs for lunch today and I saw we were practically out and I hadn't gotten a deal on a new jar yet. Bummer.

So I go to pick my son up from work. I am friends with the owners and they told me about an area they have for employees where there is free things that are either damaged or outdated. And guess what they had? Scores of Hellmann's mayo for free!!! They sent 2 jars home with us as well as some other goodies.

I know it seems so small but I have been praying lately for tangible signs from God and He has been coming through in SO many ways that you can't deny it's from Him. And while this was "just" mayo, I know the timing was NOT coincidence but Him saying, I got this and I care!

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