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Anytime the company The Pencil Grip, Inc. has a product up for review, my children and I get so very excited! We have had the chance in previous years to review their Kwik Stix as well as their Thin Stix, both of which have been such great hits with my children. Their newest product is Magic Stix Washable Markers which we had the chance to try out. The Pencil Grip, Inc is being so very generous and will be sending one of my readers their own set of markers so keep reading for the giveaway!

My children love to do art projects that include coloring, painting, you name it! As a mom, I'm not always thrilled about the possibility of major messes that could happen. The lack of mess is one reason I as a mom love the products that this company produces. Not only are their products high quality, but they don't leave messes and are easy to clean up.

We received a 24 pack of Magic Stix. They came in a durable, plastic carrying case which is unique (& quite frankly, I loved!) This kept the markers organized. The case is clear which made it easy to see the colors of the markers. 

What sets these markers apart from other kinds are:

  • have no harsh odor
  • are non-toxic
  • washable
  • bright, bold colors
  • won't dry out even with the cap off for up to 7 days

If you have younger children and markers, you KNOW that someone always leaves markers without the cap laying around and by the time you find it, you have to throw it out because it is all dried up. Let me tell you, these markers truly do live up to their guarantee that they won't be dried out for up to 7 days without a cap on.

Some markers have an odor to them and if you are sensitive to scents, this can be a problem. Even sniffing the markers intentionally, we did not notice any odor to them.

Another great feature is the fact that the markers are washable! My not-quite-2 year old loves to imitate her older sisters and do what they do. So I let her mess with the markers and of course she got them on her hands and face but she cleaned up very easily without needing me to "scrub" her. Washable markers are a must have for little ones! I also tested the markers on my wall, I know, *gasp*! And guess what, the marker comes off simply using a damp paper towel!

We were all impressed with the variety of colors in the 24 pack. I don't think we've ever owned a marker set that had this many different colors. They color effortlessly. While they aren't a fine tip marker, they aren't chunky either and can color small details. Another interesting thing to note is that all the caps are the same color so there is no having to match up the color of the mark to the right color cap! Woohoo!

My little ones mainly used the markers to draw free hand as well as color in some coloring pages. I really liked how vibrant the colors were! This is definitely one set of markers that we will always have in our home!

Magic Stix Washable Markers {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}

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