So many times I've sat down to write here and find myself wondering just what do I write? I know most people are afraid to ask me how am I doing because honestly that answer changes depending on just what hour I may be asked. Some hours/days things are ok and I can even smile, then there are other times I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning. And the difficult thing is, I never know just when the different emotions are going to surface.

I am so thankful and appreciative of those of you who have realized & said to us recently that you know this is a really long process and we are going to continue to need support. I really appreciate the cards and messages I still occasionally get letting us know we are still being thought about and prayed for. And God seems to know just when I need to hear that as I've recieved those at times when I am in most need of a supportive word.

Even just this past week I got a phone call one morning that someone wanted to bring us a meal (thank you Margaret!!!). That set the tone for my day and really gave me the encouragement and motivation to get through the day. I even managed to can some salsa then. She has been in my shoes and knew that we needed that blessing that day.

I'm sure many of you have wondered how the kids have been handling everything. They have been doing as well as can be. Their "Noah dolls" they received from our friends have been a true blessing in helping them cope. They all carry them everywhere and often talk about Noah while holding them. Hannah especially treats her doll just like she would've Noah. She puts pj's on him at night and changes him into an outfit in the morning. She is often seen "feeding" her doll a bottle every 2-3 hours. She will even ask me to "watch Noah" if she leaves the room and doesn't take him with her. It's so hard when she asks me that. And she does all this EVERY day!!

It's been amazing to see how this whole experience with Noah has really matured & given the kids an understanding in ways that are far beyond their years. We have had some really thought provoking conversations with them lately. It makes me wonder just what their futures may hold!!

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