The last few days have been hectic ones as we've been preparing to go on a much needed vacation. Packing for all of us for an out of country trip takes some planning. As I'm sitting here writing and going over my mental checklist, I think I actually have everything we need. Just a few last minute things that can't be tossed in until morning, then we are set.

As I've been trying to get the house ready for our house sitter, my thoughts have gone to Noah. I made sure we had backups in the firesafe of his pictures and I'm even going to make room to put his hand & foot molds into it as well. It gives me a little bit of anxiety leaving those few priceless things of his here in case heaven forbid the house caught on fire or something. I know that probably makes no sense to most people, but those are the only tangible things we have of Noah that shows us his hands & feet that we can touch & hold and we'd be devastated if something happened to them.

Along those lines, we are taking along Noah's lamb we were given in the hospital & took pictures of him with it. The kids wanted something to represent Noah while we're away so it seemed like a good idea to bring our "little lamb" with us. I think it helps us all to feel that he is along with us in a way.

Pray that we will have safety traveling and that all of us will stay healthy. I will have updates posted here and hopefully a few pictures as we travel (providing the internet doesn't act up!)


  1. Praying for you Jenn! Have a wonderful and safe trip. I can't wait to hear updates and see some pictures. Love ya!

  2. have a great trip; the time away will be good for all of you. I totally get the backups in the safe; and I love that you took Lamb along. <3


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