Monday November 29, Day 2

This morning the kids woke up early I’m guessing because they went to bed early last night. Just like at home, I slept like crap again. Hoping once I get out in that warm sun, that will tire me out a bit. We headed up to the Windjammer for breakfast around 8:30. We were due to meet in Majaharas lounge at 10am for our “meet & mingle”. Several years ago I found a website for cruisers (cruise and on there, there is a forum that you can find your ship name & sail date & meet others you will be sailing with. I had a good experience with it 2yrs ago, so several months ago I joined our current cruising group. So that’s what this get together was. The ship sponsored this activity for those of us who met online.

We got a little travel gift thing from the cruiseline when we got there (a little tablet & pen that can hang around your neck). Then all our names were put into a bucket for some prizes they were drawing for. Some were goofy gifts like a hat, others were bottles of wine (which would’ve been funny if the kids names were drawn! Our kids were the only kids there) One of the gifts they had was a $50 credit for internet time. Didn’t Kevin win that! Woohoo! I hadn’t yet bought our internet minutes so that was perfect. Speaking of internet, it took me forever to get my first update sent out because however their server is set up, it wouldn’t let me send my mass email group that I had set up & working while at home. I had to go back in and make about 10 smaller groupings of email addresses and it FINALLY sent! (yes, in the wee hours of the morning because my wonderful insomnia kept me up yet again. Grrr)

It was nice to finally put a face to a name after talking online for several months. After we left the get together, the kids wanted to get hot chocolate (again lol). Kevin took them up to Dizzys (on the 14th deck) and they took some card games up to play while I went to guest relations to use my internet gift certificate as well as make sure our room keys & on board credit were all set up correctly. I then headed up to join then in Dizzys to read for awhile.

After lunch, we walked outside for a bit on the upper deck. The temp wasn’t too bad but it was still on the cooler side & breezy. About this point in time, we were across from South Carolina. The kids then wanted to go up to the kids club. Kevin went and watched a movie in Dizzys & I worked on downloading pics to the computer & trying to get my update to send. Tonight was our first formal dinner so I knew I needed plenty of time to get the kids & myself ready.

The girls all wanted up-do’s so I spent time curling their hair. Ok so I spent a good hour just doing their hair. And then I had to do mine. The girls all wore matching black & white dresses and Erik was in a tux. They looked SO incredibly adorable! The entire way to the dining room, they were turning heads and getting compliments. People were coming up to them & giving Erik hi fives & shaking his hand. The kids actually enjoy dressing up so no, this was not torture for them.


Tonight, Erik ordered escargot for his appetizer as did I. I had this 2yrs ago and knew I liked it. Sarah & Susan also tried it as well. They knew what it was from the last time as I hadn’t told them it was snails until after they ate it! lol Erik & Hannah ordered roasted duck for their main entrée & they really enjoyed it. Sarah & Susan had filet of beef. It was neat seeing so many people all decked out.

After dinner, it was the captains welcome aboard party in the royal promenade where we got to meet a lot of the different heads of departments.

From here, we headed to the Palace which is a huge theater that is several decks high & can seat a couple hundred people. You’d never know you were on a ship when you’re sitting in here. Tonights performance was Vibeology. (this started at 9pm)

After that, we made our way to the room. The kids were tired, but they did so great this evening handling all the extra attention that was thrown their way as well as all the pictures they had taken.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow when we’ll have warm temps and can hang out outside!!

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