Tuesday Nov 30th, Day 3

Today was another relaxing sea day. After breakfast, I took the girls up to one of the lounges overlooking the ocean. A friend from our roll call offered to teach the girls how to knit. They had a blast learning and have been working at it different times throughout today. Kevin and Erik spent time playing some card games and ping pong while the girls were being taught.

We took a walk outside and realized just how nice it was out. We had a high of 77 today although it was pretty breezy. The kids played a round of mini golf, then they decided it was warm enough to swim so we got changed and headed to the kiddie pool. They swam while I laid out on a chair soaking up the sun and reading.

We spent a good amount of outside enjoying the weather.

Erik had been pesting all morning to go rock climbing so we went to check it out. They decided to give it a try. They had to put on special shoes, a harness and a helmet. The guy that was their anchor was having a ball with them. It was so cute to watch them scale up the wall and ring the bell. Though once Hannah got high up, you could see by the look on her face she realized just how high up she was!

We headed up to Dizzys to sit and relax a little before dinner. We got to watch the sun set from here which was really neat. The girls worked on their knitting, the guys played card games & I read.

Our waiter and waitress at dinner have really gotten to know the kids preferences already. Not long after sitting down, they were brought chocolate milk in fancy glasses. They are loving their chocolate milk. I said enjoy it now as it’s a rare treat at home! LOL Erik had asked for jello the 2 previous nights for dessert. Tonight we weren’t very hungry and decided to skip dessert. Well, the waitress couldn’t see sending the kids off without anything, so she brought out a covered plate for us to take to the room with 4 dishes of jello!!

Everyone is pretty tired tonight so we’ve just been chilling in the room, girls knitting, watching a movie while I write out my update.

We’ve been fortunate to have had pretty smooth seas. Especially compared to last time we did this. We had hit a nor’easter 2 yrs ago and had 20-30ft swells for 2 days. The highest waves we’ve had today were 7 ft. We are over a very deep part of the ocean at 16,000 feet deep. Our current location as I’m writing is southwest of the Bahamas. Tomorrow we finally hit land for the first time. We are going to Royal Caribbeans private beach in Labadee Haiti.

I’m including a picture from today of the kids standing by the back of the ship near the kiddie pool. You can see the ships wake in the background.

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