Labadee, Haiti

Wednesday Dec

1, Day 4

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s December already.

It certainly doesn’t feel like it, at least here in the Caribbean! We went to eat breakfast this morning and had a nice view of Haiti out our dining room window. As well as a view of the sister ship of the Explorer right next to us in dock (Navigator of the Seas, also a Royal Caribbean ship in the same size fleet).

Once we heard we were clear to disembark, we headed off the ship. Not too many people we getting off yet. It was about 8:30 when our feet hit land for the first time in 3 days. The temp early in the morning was already 80 degrees and hit about 90 till later in the day.

I know Haiti has been in the news a lot lately due to the cholera outbreak. But where we were was very safe (trust me, I did plenty of research before we came). The piece of land we were on is privately owned by Royal Caribbean and is secluded (and barricaded) from the rest of the island. All the food and drinks are prepared and brought in off the ship.

We walked around until we found a spot near one of the many beaches. It wasn’t too far from a kiddie water park and had a view of the zip lines coming off the side of a mountain over the ocean. There were plenty of loungers as well as hammocks to use. We found a spot near the water but under a coconut tree so we also had some shade if needed.

The kids were in the water in no time and said how warm it felt. I wandered down there eventually and sure enough, you could walk right in. It was so nice to be in water where you could see your feet and see where you were walking. The water was fairly calm so even Erik could walk out till the water was up to his shoulders.

They played in the ocean, the water park (which had a lot of fountains and fun things to do) and also played in the sand as I had brought along a few small beach toys. I occasionally went in the water, but spent a lot of time just laying down reading. I don’t get to do much of that at home so I’m making up for lost time. I brought 5 books along and there is a library on board if those aren’t enough. I’m almost finished with my 2nd book!!

We had a yummy bbq lunch that was prepared for everyone on both ships; ribs, burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, etc. There were some guys playing live island music. Though I had to laugh when they started “la-la-la-ing” the tune to silent night with their maracas, bongos, etc.

I’m guessing they don’t know it in English. Yup, that was a reminder that it is indeed December!

We headed back to the ship a little after 3. We were schedule to sail around 5, but since everyone was on board earlier, we sailed around 4:30. The girls and I went on deck for sail away as Erik was taking a nap. We must’ve gotten onboard just in time before a rain shower had come through as the deck was wet. It wasn’t raining while we were on deck, but it was overcast.

I have to say the kids do really well at dinner each night. Especially considering it usually lasts an hour and a half. We are all so spoiled. Not only are the kids regularly brought chocolate milk without asking, but if I even pick up a knife to cut the kids food, our waitress is right there cutting their food and won’t let me do it. Now THAT is service!! She is constantly bringing us things we don’t order just for us to try a taste. Tonight after she brought us our main entrée, she came out with 2 plates of nachos with an amazing cheesy spinach dip. Seriously, we can barely finish our food most nights (as 3 courses is a lot for us). So she told us to take the dip up for a snack later. If you go hungry on this ship, it’s your own fault. Everywhere you turn, there’s a variety of food to eat.

And that my friend’s is the reason we rarely use the elevator!! LOL We are constantly walking 3-4 flights at a time just to make sure we are burning some of these calories.

Tonight the kids club had family cookie decorating so we headed up there with the kids. There was only one other family there with their 2 small kids.

The kids really enjoyed this. I admit I had fun decorating my cookie as well and got quite creative (pictures once we get home).
Afterwards the kids asked to hang out in the kids club, so that’s where they are currently at as I finish up this email.

Since we are heading further east, we have to set our clocks forward one hour tonight, so we’ll be ahead of you all at home for the next several days. Tomorrows stop is in Samana, Dominican Republic.

Good Night!


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  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Miss you and can't wait till you get back and we can get together!


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