I continue to be amazed at how God grants even our smallest desires! Earlier this week when we got our tree, I said to Kevin that I wanted to at get at least one ornament for Noah. I figured though it's late in season and I'd just focus on getting some things for next year.

Well today when we got the mail, I could hardly believe my eyes!!!!

Here we were sent a beautiful ornament for Noah! (with his name & birthstone). I don't know who sent it to us but THANK YOU!!! It means SOOO much to us! It brought tears to my eyes that someone thought of us and knew this is something we desired. It's hanging right in the front of our tree where we can always see it.

I can't get over how so many amazing people have been there for us this last half year. I don't know where'd we'd be without this wonderful support. ♥

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