Thur Dec 9, Day 12

Today was our last full day at sea, which is honestly hard to believe. It seems just like yesterday we got on the ship. It doesn’t matter how long vacation is, it always seems to fly by. We are definitely feeling the cooler temps today. I know, still not as cold as we’ll experience at home tomorrow, but when you’re used to 80-90 degrees for over a week, 60 plus windy feels cold! Haha

This morning after breakfast, the kids went to clubs again and we headed up to Dizzy’s to just relax and read. At 10:45 the kids came up as the kids club were having a talent show at 11 in Dizzy’s. All 4 kids did some hula hoop tricks for their talent. They had a lot of fun.

At noon, our roll call was meeting in the formal dining room for lunch, which we’ve never done lunch here. We’ve always eaten lunch in the Windjammer. It was nice for something different. We caught up with everyone that was there, took pictures and exchanged contact info.

Afterwards, we headed up to the Promenade as we heard they had some sort of buffet out. Granted, I know we just ate lunch, but we all ate light and only had soup figuring we’d get something somewhere else to eat later. They had all sorts of little stations of food set up from one end to the other. They had the largest black forest cake I’ve ever seen. It was probably the equivalent of several full size sheet cakes. There was also make your own sundae, sushi, a guy demonstrating how they do fruit cut outs and designs, and all sorts of other food.

The kids then went back to clubs and I started working on doing a bit of packing then headed back to Dizzy’s to do some more reading. A few more pages and I’ll be done with my 5th book since being on vacation! When the kids came back from clubs, they told us about a science experiment they did. I love Royal Caribbean’s kids clubs as they don’t just let the kids do whatever, they do educational but fun activities with them!

Totally off subject, but I was putting cream cheese on my bagel the other morning and happened to look at the top of the packet when something caught my eye. The cream cheese I was putting on said it was made in New Holland, Pa!!! What are the chances my cream cheese was from our area!

I know I mentioned early on that we have 2 connecting inside rooms. I took pictures but pics don’t quite do the room justice. Imagine a really small room, and it’s smaller than that! Haha The room is only slightly wider than a queen size bed which is at the far end of the room. There’s a little room on either side to get out. There’s a vanity with drawers, a mini fridge, a single chair with a small glass table and a nice size closet that has shelves in where most of your clothes go. The bathroom is about big enough for one person to turn around in. In fact, if you wanted to multitask, you could sit on the toilet and at the same time brush your teeth/wash your hands in the sink all while putting your feet in the shower to start washing. Yup, it’s THAT tiny! Haha
But it works for us as we are rarely in the room.

Tonight before dinner, they had a parade in the promenade which we watched. We decided to take a low key night and eat in the Windjammer for supper. But not before going down to the formal dining room to say goodbye to the great wait staff we had.

We have been blessed by so many people coming up to us all during this trip complimenting the kids and how they have enjoyed seeing them and how well behaved they are.

It has meant a lot to the kids to have other adults treat them almost as mini adults by shaking their hands and engaging them in conversations also. The demographics of this ship are at least 80% over the age of 60, so you can imagine the attention the kids draw. We’ve gotten to know a lot of people during this vacation.

We are pretty much packed up now. We have to put all our luggage out in the hallway before midnight and cross our fingers we’ll see it again once we arrive in NJ! Our time goes back 1 hour tonight so we have a little bit of extra time tonight. The kids are back in clubs for the last session right now. I’m sure they will probably want to order room service again tonight one last time (they ordered fruit and cookies last night for a late night snack). Me, I’m trying to eat my fill of watermelon while I can. With as much as I’ve eaten of it lately, I’ll soon turn into one!

Have a great night and I’ll let you all know when we arrive home safely!

Ps. The picture I’m including is from the talent show today. They had to give their name and age on stage. All 4 kids are there (Erik is sort’ve behind Sarah). And the girl next to Hannah is barely a year older than her!! Hannah is so tiny

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