5 months old

Today was back to the usual, babysitting the 3 little ones, co-op, etc. I decided to take a black forest cake in today for the moms as sometimes people bring in snacks. The kids and I unloaded everything at co-op and started to head in. I had the cake under my arm (it was in one of those round tupperware containers). As I was walking in, I felt something down my side only to realize the bottom of the container fell off and I was now wearing the cake (cream cheese icing of course) as well as it went down my bag that had my laptop, onto a bit of that then all over the parking lot. I just stood there in the cold wind not knowing quite what to do. Thankfully several moms saw what happened and jumped in to help me clean everything up before I could even ask for help. I was ready to just bawl. Thank you my dear friends!!!!

It's hard to believe it's been 5 months since Noah was born. I can't help but think of all the things he'd be doing now like rolling over, starting to push his arms up a bit, giggling at Erik making silly faces at him, etc. Just today during one of Erik's classes, they were playing hang man and were supposed to pick words related to their class. Erik's teacher told me when it was his turn the phrase he ended up picking was "I Love Noah". ♥ The kids pain is still evident in all they do still as well.

A close friend gave me a Christmas gift today. I know she said it wasn't much, but when I opened it I just cried. It was these adorable stacking boxes that match Noah's nursery (with animals and the coloring) and had his name on the boxes. And a lovely friendship mug that will always make me think of her when I use it. It meant so much to me that she remembered Noah. It may have seemed insignificant to her but it meant the world to me!

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