Wed Dec 8, Day 11

You know it’s going to be a rough sea day when you wake up to seeing puke bags all over the ship! Haha Yup, the waves were higher than predicted at 15ft swells today. It’s funny sitting up in a place where you can see people walking. They all stagger from side to side as the ship rolls, it’s quite hilarious to watch. Thankfully the rocking & rolling of the ship doesn’t bother any of us at least. This is mild compared to what we went through with a nor’easter 2 yrs ago on this ship with 20-30ft swells!

After breakfast the kids wanted to go to clubs again. I wandered around the ship watching people, checking out the weather outside, taking pictures, etc. The ship is definitely getting ready for Christmas. There is a huge Christmas tree at the one end of the Promenade. In the Windjammer, there is this large gingerbread village. These houses are as big as doll houses, it’s incredible! Lots of poinsettias everywhere along with the occasional Christmas song being played.

Today was officially the last day of wearing shorts for us. By later afternoon, most of the pool deck was cleared out as the temps dropped a bit and it was quite windy out (about 70 degrees today). I’ve officially soaked up every possible bit of sun that I could get. Which is kind’ve sad. I enjoy the hot, sunny weather and am dreading returning home to cold.

This afternoon we went to another ice skating show called “Blades”. They weren’t sure if they were going to have the show due to the rough seas but they went ahead with it. We all enjoyed it.

Tonight was our third and final formal dinner. So of course, that meant doing up the girls hair again and taking lots of pictures. The menu tonight included the fisherman's platter that had lobster tail. Erik & I both had that. It was good!

We’ve really been spoiled with great staff on this sailing. We have a room attendant whom every morning while we’re gone, fixes/cleans up our rooms, replaces any linens that were used and fills our ice bucket. In the evening while at dinner, he does our turn down where again, he straightens up our room, replaces any towels that we used, puts our pillows in place, refills our ice bucket, leaves the newsletter for the next day on our bed and every other evening, he puts a towel animal in our rooms. They really take care of you! The one evening I left our curling iron out on the vanity (not put away) and he wrapped the cord up for me! If you have any requests, they do their best to fill those requests.

We are trying to savor every last minute here while onboard. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been gone over a week and a half. It sure doesn’t seem like it. The time has just flown by. Unfortunately, even on vacation I still have been having trouble sleeping and it’s really been catching up with me lately (and other than 1 late night, I haven’t even been out late due to feeling sluggish). I’ve been feeling really tired but struggle to sleep. Pray that I can get some rest these last 2 nights, it’s frustrating. On the upside, Susan’s allergies and asthma has all but disappeared while we’ve been away which is a blessing. You wouldn’t even know she has struggled with it lately, as she is perfectly healthy right now. Sea air and warm temps have done wonders for her.

We are still an hour ahead of you all and won’t change back until later Thursday night. I’m including a picture of us taken tonight all dressed up. Enjoy your evening!

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