The dreaded 3hr glucose test

I feel like I need to play catch up here. Lots going on lately as well as lots of up & down emotions (which is probably why I haven't posted as much lately). May 6th marked the 1yr anniversary of our "fun" ultrasound we had. The day that we first saw a cleft lip & knew something wasn't right. Though at this point we didn't know just how grave things were going to turn out to be. It was actually the first post to my blog that can be found here . I can't believe it's been a year.

Anyway, I will do my best to fill in the gaps in the coming week. I made reference earlier to some testing I just had done. Let me tell ya all about it!!!

So last week I had a checkup at the OB. When I was last there 2wks prior, they said they wanted to start seeing me every 2wks now. Which honestly blows my mind. It doesn't seem like I am coming down to the end of this pregnancy. It really feels like yesterday I just had Noah. Ok, in the grand scheme of things, it could've just been yesterday. He & this baby will barely be 12 months apart, wow! Anyway, I saw in my phone I had programmed my next checkup for the 10th, which was 3wks out and didn't seem right. I figured in a moment of prego brain, I entered it wrong (I have MAJOR prego brain this pregnancy. Ask my kids, they pretty much function as my brain anymore).

Figuring I put the date in wrong (and not bothering to call & actually find out, duh), we went to the OB on May 3rd. As soon as I walked in & she saw me, she said I don't have you on the schedule. Crap. Thankfully she said I could still be seen if I wanted. I said sure (as it takes me 20 min one way to get there & considering the price of gas.....) Well it turned out that my forgetfulness was a blessing in disguise. See, I had had blood work done 2wks prior as well as my 1hr glucose test done. I was told they'd call if there was any issues. I never got a call. Since I never had an issue in the past, I didn't bother calling in to check like I normally would for test results. So I'm sitting there during this checkup & I asked her about my test results. She takes a look & said didn't you get a call? I said uh no. She said well, your iron is low & your glucose levels were high & you need to take the 3hr test ASAP.

Great. I knew the 3hr test involved fasting & several blood draws. She said oh you also need to follow this high carb diet for a full 2 days prior to the test. She hands me a paper and as I look at it, my eyes about pop out of my head. I couldn't believe what I needed to consume each day for 2 WHOLE DAYS!!! I mean, what they wanted me to eat is what I eat in like a weeks time if that. I am a healthy eater, so carbs are low on my list of what I consume normally.

The way the scheduling fell, I needed to consume this "diet" on Saturday & Sunday then have testing done on Monday. Oh what a challenge this was! Saturday was a busy day due to our annual development sale (I'll cover this another time) and Sunday was Mother's day (and due to everything, I had no appetite).

Let me just say, I am SOO grateful for the awesome friends I have. I shared what I was having to deal with with many of you and ya'll helped cheer me on & hold me accountable by your messages, texts & prayers. Some even brought me food to try & take the burden off of me in trying to figure out what to eat, thanks!! (even though I felt like I was gonna puke!)

I'll be honest, this was difficult for me to do. It took me until after 9pm Saturday night to meet my quota of servings for that day. I only had until 8pm Sunday to get in that days quota (as I had to fast for 12hrs) and I just barely met it. I shed some tears along the way as I was feeling SO miserable and sick at times. I could hardly sleep Sunday night as I was SO uncomfortable & just didn't feel good. I know for some people this diet wouldn't have been a big deal, but for me it was a huge struggle.

So today we had to be out the door bright and early as I was scheduled at 8:15. I went back for my first blood draw to get my fasting level. Once that was done, she gave me my bottle of sugary sweetness I had to drink. She tells me as I'm drinking this that this is double the sugar of the 1hr test. Gee thanks. Even if she hadn't told me that, I would've known. Within minutes I felt totally buzzed yet sick. She said see you in an hour. Back out to the waiting room I went where the kids were waiting for me. (oh yeah, the entire practice is in love with my well-behaved kids, their words. They said they look forward to seeing them each visit & are amazed at how polite & sweet they are! ♥)

We packed books, card games & laptops because we knew we'd be there for over 3hrs. I ended up having a total of 4 seperate blood draws, my last one at 11:30. You'd think after all that, they'd have some results. But nope, I won't know anything until Tuesday or Wednesday.

I met up with some great friends for a picnic right after my appointment (sorry if I seemed drugged & goofy, I sure felt it!) I've been laying down ever since I got home though as I just do not feel good at all. I guess it takes awhile for your body to balance out after screwing with sugar levels for 3 days. I feel miserable. Right now, I have a love/hate relationship with food.  I have not eaten supper as I just have no appetite.

Unless you put a watermelon in front of me. That's about all I could eat right now!

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