It was a year ago today....

A year ago today is forever etched in my memory. Every last detail. How can it not be? When you are given a diagnosis saying your child is going to die, it's something that you can't get out of your head, no matter how much you want to. My blog post from that day can be found here .

It almost seems fitting that it's raining out today mirroring my feelings as I look back on that day.

No one ever thinks something so tragic could happen to them. But it can and it does. It makes you face reality and see that no matter how things are in your life, ultimately it's ALL out of your control. You can be doing every right, yet in a matter of seconds have everything turned upside down.

Recently when I realized the date of being told Noah was going to die (May 14th), it hit me that it was exactly 2 months to the day before he died (July 14th).

A year ago today our lives were forever changed.

~Remember when the waves are over your head,
 they are under God's feet.


  1. Bless your heart. I know how that feels as I have been there when my daughter was told the same thing.

    Her little guy lived 13 days. Then she lost one who lived 5 days a few years later...and then her little 6 yr. old daughter. It just tears you to pieces...or it feels that way.

    But God has been faithful to heal our hearts and reduce the pain. Although we will never forget those precious little ones.

    Praying for you right now as you remember your sweet little Noah.

    May God continue to comfort you and to give you strength.


  2. Thank you Linda for your encouragement & prayers (on both this post & the other one you commented on). I have enjoyed getting to know your daughter & reading her candid thoughts. She has quite the testimony!



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