Happy 8th Birthday Erik!

Today, 8 years ago (holy cow has it been that long!!) Erik made his grand entrance into the world 2 weeks late. Yes, he was supposed to be my April born baby. Boy was I looking forward to that diamond birthstone in my mothers ring someday, but alas, he must've thought an emerald would be better. I can still vividly remember the day. It was a warm Saturday & we had taken the girls to a family fun day at a local church. I had been cramping a bit, but hadn't thought much of it. Till that evening, we went for a walk & I noticed I was having some notable contractions but again, I didn't want too get excited. After all, the girls had all been induced really late so I hadn't yet gone into labor on my own.

Night time came, everyone went to bed. I stayed up & said I was just uncomfortable & would surf the internet. Well, by this time I had noticed I was having timeable contractions but didn't tell Kevin. He went to sleep. lol Meanwhile, I paced the house walking to try & bring them on stronger. I was starting to get excited by this point. Then I started getting really uncomfortable.....and irritated Kevin was still sleeping! haha So I went and woke him up. When he sort've came to, I said I'm in labor. His first words to me (and he's lucky he didn't lose some teeth over this) was "are you sure"?!?! Yes, I kid you not. I probably had some choice words for him because by this point, my contractions were 4-5 minutes apart & I was having to breath through them.

I decided to jump in the shower. Oh did that feel good. Meanwhile, (after he realized I wasn't kidding) he called the doctor. I stayed in the shower until the water ran cold. We headed to the hospital about 1:40am. I won't ever ride in his car again during labor. That was torture. I don't care if it's a cool looking car! lol

We got to labor & delivery a little after 2am.  I have written somewhere all the details of the next few hours such as times & how dilated I was as well as doctor comments. During my labors, I always made sure Kevin kept a running journal in case I couldn't remember due to being in PAIN! ha Anyway, my labor was pretty quick with him. When it came time to push, my OB noticed his heart rate was decreasing big time. Before I had a chance to really know what was happening, she attached a vacuum to his head and as I pushed, she pretty much yanked his head out. I'll spare you the painful details but holy cow did that hurt! Before he could be delivered, she had to cut his cord from around his neck. Turns out his heart was decelerating due to his cord being wrapped around his neck twice. We were very fortunate his outcome was so positive. Erik Matthew was born about 7:30 am (I'd have to look up the exact time, I forget, I'm getting old). He weighed 7lbs 1oz & was 19". He was the same length as all our kiddos & he weighed exactly what Hannah did. They were my "biggest" babies. Erik actually had strangulation marks on his neck for several days due to his cord and he had developed torticollis due to being strangled by his cord. (Physical therapy resolved that).

Here's a pic of the kids together. The twins were 3, Hannah wasn't quite yet 2. Yes, we had 4 kids in 3 yrs. Blessed for sure!♥ (and wow does Noah look like Erik here, it's those cheeks!)

And here are some pictures from today. The kids always get to pick what they want for their cake. Some years they ask for some really elaborate ones that I've enjoyed making. Erik has actually said for a few months now how he wanted his cake. He said he wanted a picture of him & Noah for his cake this year. So this was his cake....I love this picture!

He is SUCH a proud big brother. I still remember the day when he found out he was having a brother. Nothing could wipe the big smile from his face. For YEARS he kept asking for a little brother. It breaks my heart when he comes to us in tears saying how he wishes he could show Noah how to play football or play video games with him.


It made this mama proud how excited the girls were in wanting to help Erik celebrate his birthday. When we were out shopping earlier this week, the girls insisted that they wanted to each buy him a little something with their own money. And that's exactly what they did. Judging by his reaction, you would've thought they got him the most expensive gifts ever. He was so thankful & appreciative of that frisbee, pack of silly bands & matchbox car they gave him. He gave them each a big hug & said he loved it all. They even found a blanket they all bought together for his Noah doll. I love how caring & selfless my kiddos are. The girls had just as much fun giving him gifts as he did opening them. Susan had even spent part of the afternoon thoroughly cleaning out his room. She said that was also part of his birthday gift!

Happy Birthday Erik! I'm so glad God blessed us with you!!! ♥


  1. Happy birthday, Erik!
    What a great birthday for a great kid (and his sisters). :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Erik! And, all of the kids never cease to amaze me with their amazing thoughtfulness and care for their family!


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