Bosom Friends

“A bosom friend–an intimate friend, you know–a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul.” 
 -Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables

Back when I was in the early days of my journey with Noah, I had 2 dear friends who came along side of me, to support me as they themselves had just each lost a baby prior to Noah's death and understood right where I was at. When I asked them how can I ever repay my gratitude for all they did, they just told me that someday, people will come into my life who will need support, and that I should just take what they've done and pay it forward.

Since then, I have had the honor of being in touch with many sweet moms who have lost babies. People in real life, and people who have stumbled across Noah's youtube video during a google seach and/or those who have found my blog. I keep in touch with several of these dear ladies via email. Many miles, even countries set us apart but there is a special bond & connection between those of us who have lost babies. Those miles don't even matter because of that. We can still share our feelings, fears and even shed tears together even though some of us may never meet in person on this side of Heaven.

A few months ago, I asked for prayer on my blog for my friend Renee who was facing the death of her newborn son Weston. She was one of the people who had come across Noah's video, then my blog and then contacted me shortly after she got the Potter's Syndrome diagnosis back in December. She lives in Tennessee and I live in Pennsylvania so unfortunately I could only offer her support from a distance. 

Her contacting me and our friendship certainly was not a coincidence but a God arranged friendship as we eventually discovered. Only He could've worked out the specifics of our friendship long before either of us even knew who the other was.

You see, Renee's husbands family doesn't live very far from us. In fact, they only live the next county over and her family comes up this way from time to time to visit them.

Imagine our excitement when we realized all of this and that they had a trip planned to come up to Pa in June to see family, just 2 months after Weston died. After emailing, texting and phone calls for 6 months, we were finally going to be able to give each other a hug in person instead of virtual hugs. 

Renee had said that she wanted to be able to go to Noah's grave during their visit with us. Then she suggested since Noah's place is along the way they'd be traveling to our house, that we should have our first face to face meeting at Noah's grave since he was the reason we came in contact with each other. I loved this idea!!!

So about 10:15am this past Wednesday morning, the kids and I were all at our church waiting for them to arrive (Kevin was also meeting us there from work). Her husband no sooner had the car in park before she came running out with tears and we just stood there hugging and crying. What a precious meeting it was, there are just  no words to describe all the emotions!

I should add that it wasn't just me who had been reaching out to Renee in support but my kids also reached out to her kids by writing letters and sharing their feelings about their journey with Noah. So not only was I highly anticipating our meeting but it's all the kids could talk about. They were thrilled to finally get to meet their penpal friends. So while Renee and I were embracing, all our kids were giving each other hugs and hit it off right away as well. Even our husbands got along really well and had plenty to talk about as they have similar jobs and understood each others "technical talk".

We spent almost an hour at Noah's grave, talking about our boys, releasing balloons for Weston & Noah and taking pictures together.

Our precious 9 children

Releasing the balloons

Afterwards, we headed for our house where we spent the rest of our time with one another. We had lunch & dinner together, we did some baking together, Renee jumped in and did the dishes just as if she were at home lol, we simply enjoyed each other's company and conversation. I couldn't even begin to sum up our time in words. It was such a wonderful day! 10 1/2 hours together went by in a blink.

(And I have to add that we even got to taste some cannoli's and lobster tails from Carlo's Bakery, aka Cake Boss for those who watch the show. Her family went there the day before visiting us. Both treats were amazing!)

Their family blended amazingly well with our family, it was as if we've always known each other. We have so many similarities, not only Renee and I ourselves in our interests & personalities, but also in our parenting, beliefs, we've even done the same types of vacations, etc. Our kids even have a lot in common with each other not to mention they are similar ages. There is no doubt in our minds that God brought our families together for a special purpose. These type of friendships are very rare! I am beyond thankful for and cherish this dear family that was placed in our life. We share an unbreakable bond that is rooted in Jesus and we look forward to journeying life with our beloved friends.
Our darling boys that brought us together. I have no doubt they were looking down today cheering that we finally got to meet after they've spent the last 11 weeks together in Heaven.

Renee & I with our boys at Noah's grave

A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.
-Proverbs 17:17

My command is this: love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this; to lay down one's life for one's friends.
John 15:12-13

"Friends are relatives you make for yourself"
-Eustache Deschamps

And yes, we both love Anne of Green Gables hence the quote above! ;)


  1. Love you and your family, girl! So glad you 'paid it forward' in our time of deepest need. We look forward to many more memories made together in the future! <3

  2. Your children are just so beautiful. Love the picture with all of them standing above your 2 angels!

  3. This brought tears to my eyes...what a special girt of friendship :)


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