May 14th

May 14th marked the day 2 years ago  when we were told our baby had Trisomy 13 and was going to die. It still seems unbelievable at times. I can relive the details of that day as if it were yesterday. As I looked back on my blog, I realized last year on May 14th it rained, same as this year. Ironic and appropriate I would say.

This year, we spent May 14th together as a family. We went on a field trip to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Several weeks ago, I had gotten a Living Social deal on these tickets which was nice. The kids had never been here before so they enjoyed exploring all the hands on exhibits.

In the next picture, the kids could dress up in astronaut gear and stand in front of a green screen and choose different backgrounds to stand in front of that would show up on a television screen.

There were so many educational stations that involved all your senses, it was definitely a day of learning for all!

Check out this sign that was in the museum.....

One of our first "signs" from Noah that day! ;)

A trip to Philly isn't complete without a stop at Lee's Hoagie. While we have never been here in person, some great guys Kevin does business with often spoils us by bringing up an Italian hoagie when they are in our area working with Kevin. Lucky us, there was a Lee's only 3 miles from the museum. So we stopped to get an 18" one to take home for all of us to share. I didn't think to take a picture of it, we ate it too fast! lol But trust me, it is amazing!! I personally load up my piece with a whole container of the hot pepper mix they send along with it. Yum!

When we got home, I was SO surprised to find not one but TWO packages waiting for us. Several weeks ago, I had won my "Molly Bear" by submitting a picture of Noah & I for Mother's Day. My name had been on the waiting list for about a year and eventually I would've received it but this contest got me my bear faster. A Molly Bear is a bear that is weighted to the exact birth weight of your child so it reminds you of how they felt when you hold it. Anyway, wouldn't you know it that this was one of the packages waiting for us when we got home, WOW! It couldn't have come on a better day!

All 6lbs 10 oz of my precious Noah bear!!

 Check out the personalized detail they put on it, his name and Noah's ark

 This is on the right bottom paw, a lamb to represent the lamb we were given in the hospital for Noah, the one we took several pictures of him with.

The other package I received was a pendant of a picture of Noah and his name on that I had won by bidding from the SGM auction about 2 months ago. WHAT are the chances that both these things (from different places) would arrive on this particular date? I am so thankful for signs from Heaven like this because there is no other way to explain how else it would've happened.

 In Our Hearts Photo Pendants (not the greatest picture due to the glare, looks much better in person!)
And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:19

Even down to the littlest things, God will meet them! 


  1. what precious memory gifts. and a museum sounds like a wonderful family day and a great way to spend some time together!

  2. What a blessed day! I am so happy you got your molly bear and pendant :) I know little thing like this mean so much especially on hard days. I also love the new blog design!

  3. Your museum day sounds like so much fun! I love your Molly Bear and also the beautiful pendant you won. I'm so happy you received them on such a hard anniversary. Have a great weekend!

  4. God is amazing! At times, He chooses to take away for reasons unknown to us, but, Oh! He gives us so much as well...He even gives us 'blessings' from what He chooses to take. I rejoice with you at these blessings He has given you from Noah. I can see blessings He has given me through Weston's passing. <3

  5. Sounds like a great day. Love that you got your molly bear!! The pendent is beautiful as well.

  6. I love Noah's Mooly Bear!!! The details are amazing! Thank you for sharing your special family day. Oh and I like the pendant too! Little blessings like that remind me that we are never forgotten by our God. (())


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