The travels of Noah's balloon

On Noah's birthday, my friend Vickie, a fellow baby loss mom of her precious Eli & Josh, wrote a note and attached it to a balloon to release in celebration & memory of Noah.

 In the card, she briefly shared Noah's story and asked that if someone finds the balloon, that they email her to let her know how far the balloon traveled.

Keep in mind, Vickie lives in Alabama. She released the balloon on Noah's birthday, July 13th.

Imagine my surprise when Vickie sends me a message letting me know that she received an email on August 1st, 2 1/2 weeks after releasing Noah's balloon. In it, a sweet lady by the name of Katherine said her son found Noah's deflated balloon in their yard. Get this, she lives in Rhode Island! Noah's balloon traveled approximately 1200 miles, WOW!!!!! Katherine also shared that she herself has experienced 3 miscarriages. On top of all this, the day her son found the balloon happened to be his 6th birthday! All these things put together were such an amazing sign from above!!

Thank you again Vickie for taking the time to do this, what a blessing to me & my family! We've often sent balloons with notes attached to Noah, but now I think we will put an email address on them to see just how far they go. You never know who will receive it at just the right time when they themselves may need an encouragement.


  1. That actually gave me a little chill to read, how lovely

  2. What a fabulous story.

  3. That is amazing! I just read it to my husband and we both are amazed...what an amazing God we serve!


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