Money Saving Monday

Did you know you can earn money while using your smart phone?? Yup, you read that right! If you have an iPhone (which is what I have) and I believe even some droids have these same apps (though I am not experienced with those so you'll have to check it out yourself). Since I have an iPhone, that is what I will be referring to in this post. If you don't have a smart phone, I still have a few websites you can use to earn back money on things you buy as well, so keep reading.

The apps I'm sharing I personally use and have received money back on so no worries that this is anything shady I'm sharing. They are all legit.

With that said, the 1st app I want to share with you is Ibotta


The way this app works is you have several pages of offers available & it will tell you how much you can earn on each product. If you want to verify you have the correct product, you can scan the barcode & it will tell you yes or no. Usually you read a fact or watch a short video to earn the full amount. From there, you take a picture of the receipt that shows you purchased it, then you scan the barcode & it uploads everything for you. You'll get a confirmation within 24 hours if you correctly submitted your info then the money is deposited into your account. I make occasional withdraws to my paypal with things I've earned.

Last week, CVS had the Clear shampoo for free plus there was $1.25 available to earn back on Ibotta so I actually earned money just for picking this up. This app has a list of stores you can buy these products, most of them are chain stores like CVS, Walmart, etc. Downside is you can't use it on your small name places like a local grocery store.

**update** I just got a notice if you are new to signing up with Ibotta and use 2 offers in your first 2 weeks, you will get a $2 bonus in addition to whatever you earned!!!

Another one of my favorite apps is Endorse. Unlike Ibotta, you can use Endorse no matter where you make your purchase.


The first time I used this app, I got $6 back on just 3 products!! Each Thursday, they give you new offers that you can either earn 10-100% cash back. Where it says "upgrade this offer", it just means if you click accept, it'll post about it on facebook (if you don't like that, just only allow yourself to see those posts & hide them from your friends). I plan to use that 50% back on diapers this week! Combined with coupons & sales, they will practically be free! Endorse is definitely one of my favorite deal apps lately. You can make money on it when you combine their offer with deals you find. All you have to do is upload the receipt to show you purchased it. You can then deposit your earnings into paypal.

Shopkick is a relatively new one I've been using. This has a slightly different approach where you earn points for visiting certain stores that are listed or scanning item they ask you to. You then turn those points into gift cards for places like Target, Old Navy, Starbucks, Best Buy etc. Hey, if you're already out and about, simply check your phone & see if there is a place near you to get some easy points. It doesn't take much to earn gift cards.


Don't have a smartphone? That's ok, you can still earn some money if you like to shop online. Ebates is a great way to earn a percentage back on your online shopping. Simply go to their page, look up the place you want to shop at & go through their link (after setting up your account so they can pay you). At Christmas time, I earned several dollars just by doing this, and get this, I got an actual check in the mail from them!! So if you are already going to shop online, check them out. I've seen offers for 3-10% cash back depending where you shop, sometimes more.

Another way to earn points to go towards gift cards is Swagbucks. There are many ways to earn swagbucks, watching videos, filling out surveys, using their search engine, etc. Just rack up the swagbucks until you get enough to get whatever gift card you'd like.

Obviously there are many ways available to use your smartphone or the internet to earn money or gift cards. These are just a few that I personally use & recommend. Are there any that you use that I didn't talk about? Drop me a comment & let me know! 

 I would love if you decide to sign up for any of these programs if you'd use my links please. Any little bit I earn off these apps, I put towards our homeschooling projects & field trips. Thanks!


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