Sufficient Grace Ministries Auction!!!!

If you've been a somewhat regular read here at TLB, you have seen me talk about Sufficient Grace Ministries. This is a wonderful organization that provides support for families who have lost a baby. I wish I had known about them before or right around the time Noah died. It was several months until I came across them but what a blessing they've been to me since then.

Most recently, I participated in their Walking With You series. It's always so welcoming to be able to openly share my grief journey with many others who understand.

All that to say they are only able to provide the support they do with donations & fundraisers. Right now, they have an AWESOME auction going on on Facebook with well over 300 items up for bids. Many items are things for anyone, not just baby loss families. It ends tomorrow (Friday) at 11:45pm EST. So please go check them out, treat yourself to a gift and help support a wonderful organization!

Here's just a few pics of things up for auction:

(Joyce Meyer gift basket)

And SO MUCH MORE! Go win something in memory of Noah!!! <3

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  1. Oh thanks for the reminder! I participated last year but I did not realize it was time again.


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