Be Still My Heart...

Let's face it, parenting can be such a hard, down-in-the-trenches job. Some days you wonder if you are really getting through to your child(ren). The work is hard, and not very often do you reap the benefits until years down the road.

But once in a while, I think God gives you just a brief glimpse into what is going on in the heart of your child as a way of reminding & encouraging you to know you are on the right path.

Tonight before we ate dinner, I asked my children who wants to say prayers. Out of the blue, my 2 year old raised her hand and said "I will". I was surprised but said ok.

She bowed her head & clasped her little hands together.

Quietly she said "Thank you Jesus.....for food....then she mumbled a few things I didn't catch....then said Amen". She was SO proud of herself and quite honestly, so was I!!! After all, we've been praying with her for over 2 years and this was the first time she attempted to pray publicly herself.

Fast forward to when I was cleaning up supper. I asked her if she got enough to eat.

She said "yes mom and it was good. Thank you mom for supper"!!!!!

*insert jaw drop*

I got down to her level and said thank you, I think I am gonna cry!

She said "do you need a bissue (tissue) mom"??

AHHHH she is such a sweetheart!!!

She can be such a stubborn little one at times but tonight....tonight was a glimpse of how God is shaping her precious, little heart!!!


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