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We as parents desire for our children to have an upstanding character and good morals. I am always open to ideas, suggestions and new tools to best to instill this in my children. I was excited to be given the chance from We Choose Virtues to review their Parenting Cards as well as the We Choose Virtues Download Bundle.

The Parenting Cards contain 12 8.5"x5.5" virtue cards printed on thick stock. They are printed in color on both sides and each card contains one of 12 virtues:

  • Diligent
  • Honest
  • Helpful
  • Forgiving
  • Self-Control
  • Kind
  • Perseverant
  • Gentle
  • Attentive
  • Content
  • Obedient
  • Patient

The front of the card shows the virtue being covered along with a brief description of what the virtue is as well as what the virtue is not. On the bottom is a Bible verse that corresponds with the virtue. When ordering the cards, you have the option of choosing which version of scripture you want the parenting cards in, either Old Testament verses or New International Readers Version (NIrV), I chose the NIrV.

The back of the card has several sections.
  • Virtue User Challenge- this lists a challenge for the whole family to participate in, such as going a whole day without needing to be reminded of an instruction.
  • What to say after I'm sorry- this gives an example of how to ask for forgiveness
  • Teachable moments- this section gives ideas of how you can teach each virtue with hands-on examples.
  • The kids of VirtueVille- each virtue has it's own character with a short story of how the kid acts out its virtue in life

The WCV Download Bundle is another addition that can compliment the parenting cards. This package contains:

  • a 56 page teachers handbook (meant for a classroom setting though there are many ways to use these ideas at home)
  • a character assessment sheet 
  • a 16 page kids of VirtueVille coloring book
  • a butterfly award to print out for your child as an award for following through on a virtue
  • a sing along song sheet-the virtues put to jingles of familiar songs like "If you're happy & you know it"
When I first received the cards, I looked through the different virtues to see which one we wanted to start with as they don't go in any particular order. In the teachable moments sections, an example jumped out at me which I knew was a virtue we needed to work on. The example was to make a mess of toys and instruct your children that it doesn't matter who makes the mess, if they are asked to clean it up they should do it with diligence.

It is recommended to cover 1 virtue a week which is what we did. We took a few moments in the morning to go over the virtue. What we typically did was on the first day of a new virtue, we discussed the virtue, read the Bible verse and did one of the teachable moments. Then I hung the parenting card on the fridge so we could all see it the rest of the week. The rest of the week, we mixed up each morning with a variety of activities. We would review the virtue & give examples of ways we saw each other acting out the virtue. We also discussed how to ask for forgiveness & read the kids of VirtueVille story. I also perused the Pinterest Board of We Choose Virtues for even more ideas & activities to reinforce the virtues.

The parenting cards are geared for ages 3-11 though I sat down with all my children to go over them while my almost 3 year old would color the coloring page that corresponded with that weeks virtue. I felt that even if they were passed the intended age, it was a good idea to still discuss these virtues and include them in on the challenges. (though WCV does have a journal intended for older children that some on the crew reviewed). I also had my older children search for more Bible verses that talked about that weeks virtue.

We really enjoy these parenting cards (though I do wish they were laminated).  I felt even I was challenged by not only by the cards but the different quotes Heather McMillan, the author of We Choose Virtues, had in the Teacher Handbook:

"We often insist on proper actions, but proper
actions will only be temporary without proper
attitudes. Whether the request is simple
or difficult, insist upon the right attitude
response, and the right action will follow."
-Heather McMillan

The We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards are available for $38.49.
The WCV Download Bundle is available for $7.99.

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