"F" is for Fresh Salad in a Jar

As my garden is flourishing and I am starting to harvest salad ingredients, I was reminded of a salad I had tried not long ago. There's been a pin floating around on Pinterest about making a whole bunch of salads at one time and putting them in mason jars for the week. So I set out to see if what they did really worked (making a bunch of salads to sit around in jars).

Guess what?!?! It WORKS!!!!

I made several wide-mouth mason jars of salad and gave them several days in the fridge to see if they still remained fresh and to my amazement they did!

There is a key obviously to making sure they last. I made a homemade dressing which went on the bottom of the jars. From there, I put in chopped up cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, chick peas, etc. After that, I laid in diced mushrooms & hard boiled egg. Then I put in diced lunch meat (ham) and some cooked quinoa. Finally I put in chopped up romaine lettuce & spinach. I covered the jar with a lid and placed them in my fridge. The latest salad I used was 5 days after prepping. I dumped it into a bowl and it was as fresh as the day I had assembled it!!!

This is a great way to prep easy lunches for the week on a Sunday afternoon. Just grab & go and feel great knowing you are eating a healthy lunch!!

I know I only listed a few ideas for salads, but let your imagination run and add in any ingredients!

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