Cruise Day 13-November 13th, Sea Day

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Cruise Day 13th, Sea Day, Thursday November 13th

Ahh, finally a laid back day after the busyness of port days. Don’t get me wrong, we love our port days but it takes a bit more work getting ready for them. In addition to packing a beach bag for the littles, we also get water bottles ready and I have a small cooler I pack a few snacks in to hold us all off until we get back on the ship to eat a mid-afternoon snack. Just helps to keep the cost down in port.

A random view of the promenade down the center of the ship with a small view of the Schooner bar right below.

After breakfast this morning, we took Ava & Olivia up to the playroom set up for them as the gal in charge today was doing a music activity. She had a bunch of little musical instruments for them to play and she did some guided play as well as songs for them to play along with (ok so it was mainly Olivia who followed along while Ava did her own thing!) The girls had such a fun time! They have been spoiled being the youngest on board and getting this one on one attention from the staff.

She was so good with the girls! And the girls looked forward to sea days so they could hang out with her! 

Once the gal was done with her hour there, I let the girls play there while Kevin & Erik went to do the rock climbing wall. They weren't out there too long as they said the rocks were getting hot to the touch which made it hard to climb very high.

By this time it was lunch, so we grabbed some food to take back to the room to feed the little ones. I then decided to go to the MDR for lunch as they have a great salad bar where they mix up whatever you want (there are also menu items available as well). No one else wanted to go so I figured I'd sit alone and read. Well, when I got there, they sat me with 10 other people (aka strangers who didn't talk) so no reading for me. I quickly ate then left.

When I got back, Kevin took Ava for a walk for her nap and I took Olivia out to the waterslide and kiddie pool. I lost track of how many times we went down the slide! Because she is small, an adult has to go with her. She of course had a blast doing this together! I also managed to snap a photo of Olivia next to the same life preserver I took her picture by when she was on this same ship at just 6 months old.
I'm so sad this ship is going overseas and I won't be able to do this photo again in front of the same life preserver. Crazy to think how many countries this girl has visited already in her short 3 yrs of life!

 Once Ava was asleep, Kevin parked the stroller in the shade and was able to watch Olivia & I.

After Ava woke up, we found the older kiddos and asked them to watch the little ones for a while. Olivia has absolutely adored how the teens hang out with her. According to the girls, the teens love having Ava & Olivia hang out with them! 

In fact, the group of teens has taken the girls up to the play area to play with them as a group from time to time. One of the guys wanted Olivia to talk to him when she was being shy so he went and bought her a soda so she would be his friend, HA!! Yes, those girls got spoiled by the teen group. I just found it so neat how this group of teens embraced the little ones so openly.

Awesome group of kids! Most of them have still stayed in touch via texting. Some of them are even from overseas!

Meanwhile, I spent some time sitting out by the pool reading. The Caribbean band was out there playing music. I had to chuckle though when they broke out into Kenny Rogers “Know When to Fold Them”!! haha And yes, I took a video clip! What a hoot, Caribbean guys singing country, not something you hear every day!

Kevin & I then sat at the back of ship watching the wake for a little while until it was time to get ready for our third and final formal night.

Such a relaxing, peaceful view!

Can't get much more laid back than this!

Ava walking to dinner (after she ripped out her adorable hair bows). Susan is in the foreground.

Tonight’s dinner consisted of the fisherman’s platter which had lobster tail, YUM!!!! I think all of us except Kevin ordered it. 

The only time I ever get lobster is on a cruise!

Our waiter also unexpectedly brought us some more escargot for an appetizer! Yes, you can thank us for helping to keep the population of snails down in your yard, haha!! I have not ordered dessert this cruise, mainly because I am often full and I admit, I don’t have a sweet tooth. I decided to splurge tonight on the Grand Marnier Soufflé with some sort of creamy sauce. It was served warm and very delicious!

Olivia with her ketchup smiley face from Dario.

Ava insisted on "using" the menu to order her dessert, this was just TOO funny! Our waiter was a good sport!

Olivia with our sweet friend Randy.

We had our typical hour and a half after dinner hanging out with many of our friends again. I will miss this time of hanging out with friends every evening once we are home! While we were with them, the girls took Ava & Olivia to make another build-a-sea-pet as they had won another free one during another round of bingo in the teen club. Now each of them has their own souvenir from the cruise. 

The girls with their new pet at sea animal.

The towel animal in the kids room tonight.

One of our many formal photos. Have to heavily watermark it unfortunately due to people stalking & stealing my photos. But you get the idea! ;)

All photos can be clicked on to enlarge. The photos I am sharing are a combination of ones I took as well as my kids and husband on a variety of cameras and iPhones, hence the varying quality.

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