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Have you ever heard of Emu oil before? Neither had I until recently when I was introduced to Koru Naturals. I had the privilege of reviewing 2 of their many products, Emu Oil and New Zealand Pure and Simple Lanolin Cream.

Koru Naturals Emu Oil & Lanolin Cream

Who is Koru Naturals?

Koru Naturals is a New Zealand based company that specializes in all natural products that are not tested on animals. Many of their products are for skin care, hair care and general health care well being. They utilize naturals products such as manuka honey, lanolin, tea tree and rose hip oil just to name a few ingredients. 

What IS Emu Oil?

Ok, if I am being straight forward, Emu Oil is basically, bottled fat from an Emu! HA! Sounds crazy BUT if you do the research on the health benefits of Emu Oil, you won't laugh at how this awesome oil can benefit your health!

Australian Aborigines have been using Emu Oil for, well, a very long time! It can reduce inflammation, heal muscle aches, treat burns & eczema, helps hair loss & hair regrowth, fade stretch marks & even reduce wrinkles just to give a few of the many examples of health benefits. You can even use it in your hair as a natural conditioner as well as a way to tame frizzy, curly hair.

Emu Oil is a thick, non-smelling oil that you need to shake before dispensing. It contains vitamins & essential Omega's 3 and 6. A little goes a long way when dispensing it from the pop top. I decided to mainly use this as a facial moisturizer since it said it reduces wrinkles. Not that I have many of those yet, but I do want to reduce the few I have around my eyes. Especially during winter time, it's SO easy to get such dry skin. I admit I have been loving using this as my daily facial moisturizer! I apply it in the morning after my shower. I've had no problem applying makeup on top of it. My skin has felt so soft and I do believe the "smile wrinkles" around my eyes have decreased a bit. I'm anxious to see if they continue to decrease with further use. Unlike most moisturisers there is NO fragrance or scent with this oil which I appreciate. 

I have also used some of this oil on my cracked heals and chapped hands. It is also a great carrier oil to use for essential oils (which I also used a few times with my lavender essential oil).

What is New Zealand Pure and Simple Lanolin Cream?

This Lanolin Cream is a very mild, yet pleasantly smelling lotion that is non-greasy but has the ability to soak into the driest of skin very quickly. Lanolin is a natural sheep woil oil that moisturises and softens skin. This lotion also contains shea butter which I'm a huge fan of. It comes in a small tub with a twist off lid that you dip a finger into to dish out lotion to apply to your skin.

Let me tell you, this came in handy during our very dry winter! We are huge hand washers especially over winter time to avoid illnesses (and as large as our family is, we've been healthy all winter mainly due to hand washing.) With that said, dry hands come with frequent hand washing but this amazing cream has helped heal cracked, dry hands! 
Just one example of dry, cracked hands the lanolin cream helped!

Most lotions contain a fragrance that irritates dry skin. This wonderful lotion had the opposite effect! As soon as we applied it to dry, cracked hands, it gave not only a soothing feel, our hands looked and felt immediately better!

I also applied this cream nightly to my cracked, dry heels before bed and it made a world of difference! Koru Naturals also suggested using this cream for preventing diaper rash. While my diapered baby hadn't had a rash during this review, it did give her soft tooshie and maybe helped prevent any rash the few times I tried it out on her!

My final thoughts? Emu Oil & the Lanolin Cream are awesome! Research it online as I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at all the health benefits! Also check out other products from Koru Naturals. The crew reviewed several of their products.

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