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My preschooler loves to sing her ABC's and has been actively working on learning to recognize each letter. She was excited recently to be able to review Alphabet Song Game from The Critical Thinking Co.

Alphabet Song Game is available as a windows download. It can also be put on Apple and Android devices. I received this as a windows download which was very easy and quick to install on my laptop. (You need to have Windows 8, 7 or Vista).

The game opens with a simple click to the icon on the desktop. Once the game opens, you have an option to choose a lesson about uppercase letters, lowercase letters or mixed case letters.

As your cursor highlights a lesson, a box on the right hand side gives a description of what the game entails and how many letter choices there are in that game. Each lesson gets progressively more challenging. Also on this screen you can see the score your child got for each lesson. Keep in mind though it only keeps track for one child so if you have multiple children using it, the score that is shown is from whoever last did that lesson. My preschooler as well as my nephews both used this program and I didn't bother keeping track of who had what score.

Once you click on a lesson, a screen pops up with a gal on the one side and the letters coming on the screen as she sings the ABC song. Once she's done singing, you then have letters displayed on the screen. Depending on the lesson you are on will determine how many letters to choose from. In the higher lessons, some of the letters will also be displayed backwards or upside down.

The goal is for the child to click on the letters in the correct order. As they click on the correct letter, it then goes up top with the other letters until the entire alphabet is up top. One thing I noticed is if they clicked on the wrong letter nothing happened. I would've liked some sort of sound to be heard when they chose the wrong letter so they knew it was wrong. Otherwise my daughter sometimes thought she wasn't using the mouse correctly or wasn't hitting the button to click on it not knowing she had chose the wrong letter.

This game can be played in just a matter of minutes. My 3 year old asked to play it several times a day. My nephews ages 3 and 5 also played this. Even though it's a simple game, it really does help them learn to identify their letters through repeatedly playing the game. While my daughter hasn't gotten too far into the upper lessons yet, I can see how in time she will eventually need the more challenging lessons. Just in the time she has used this game, I can see she is able to identify her letters much more quickly compared to before she used this game.

I loved the simplicity of the game and that she is able to do this on her own! It's also available free at the time of this writing so go check it out!

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