Money Making Gas Deals This Week!

Ok, ya'll know I LOVE deal shopping! I have to share with you this weeks money making gas deal at Giant!! And if you don't have a Giant, I feel bad for you as all last summer I earned FREE GAS due to money-making gas deals. Check out these details for more specifics on how to do these gas deals.

What is the difference between a gas deal and a money making gas deal? A gas deal is one in which you earn so many points for buying the qualifying amount of deal. For example, earn $.40 off a gallon of gas for purchasing 5 items. These items are of varying prices so for example, you could potentially pay $15.00 but only earn $10.00 in gas.

A money making gas deal is one in which you pay for example $7.45 for products but earn $10 in gas! You just made $2.55! Sometimes my gas deals break even in that I paid $10 for groceries but I earned $10 in gas. Those I also consider good in my book as I would need to buy $10 of gas no matter what, so why not get food AND gas all for that same $10!!

So today was one of my money making Giant runs. Here's the photo of everything I got:

-17 bags of Hanover Veggies 3/$5
-10 packs of Lender's Bagels 2/$3
-8 Dole Shakes 2/$2

Here's the gas deal section for this week:

In addition to the gas deals, I also used a few coupons. I had 8- $.50 off for the Dole Shakes which got doubled to $1 off (you may have to search for the coupon on there). While the sugar & oranges weren't gas deals, I also had coupons for those. Using a coupon in Giant's circular, you can get the sugar for $1.49. There is also a coupon in the circular for the oranges making them $3.88 plus there is a coupon in today's Sunday news coupons for $.50 off which got doubled to $1.00 so I only paid $2.88 for the oranges (normally priced $6.88!) There was also a coupon in their circular for an extra $.10 off a gallon if you spent $50 or more.

Let me give you another hint, the reason why I have 4 Dole Shakes paired up with 1 bag of frozen veggies in the photo is because it's a great way to pair up different items for the best savings (you need 5 items for each $.40 of gas points earned, you can mix & match however you like).

4 Dole Shakes = $8
1 bag Hanover= $1.67

Use 4 Dole Shake coupons which takes $4 off the $9.67 making that gas deal only $5.67 for $10 worth of gas!

In total this was my bill:

Granted, the $56.71 includes the oranges & sugar. Without those 2 things, I spent $52.34 in gas deals. See the lower part of the receipt? That is how many gas points I earned today in gas deals!!!! I can get up to 25 gallons worth.  So that means I earned $72.50 in FREE gas!!!  ($2.90 x 25 gls= $72.50) 

But WAIT there was even more savings going on!! I have a Savingstar account and they had a deal that if I spent $12 on Dole Shakes, I can get $4 cash back!! So factoring that cash back in, I paid $48.34 in gas deals which means I MADE $24.16 today! 

So to sum it up, I paid $48.34 today for $120.84 worth of products! (food & gas) If you aren't shopping gas deals, what are you waiting for!?! 


  1. I filled up my tank with free gas on Saturday! So awesome! What do you use the Dole Shakes for? I have seen them advertised but I'm not sure what they are.

    1. Yay for free gas, go you!!! My kiddos love using the Dole Shakes for an easy smoothie. Typically they make smoothies using my blender but with these shakes, all they do is pull one from the freezer, add a little juice & shake it up and it becomes an instant smoothie. Good for a quick breakfast especially for my gluten free kiddos!


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