Poor Sick Baby

I have to first state, we have been blessed to have been super healthy this last year! I attribute that to eating healthy and lots of hand washing. Seriously, my kids know the second they walk in the door after being in public, they wash their hands. Other than a surgery, hospital stay  and long recovery due to my husbands issues (thank you pre-existing conditions), we've avoided any major issues this last year.

Until last week.

I guess we all have to build immunities so I shouldn't be too surprised that my 22 month old got sick. Last Thursday she had a brief stomach bug. Friday she seemed to be recovering from it like most people would.

Come Saturday she was not herself. She begged to be held, refused to eat and barely sipped at liquids. The same continued on Sunday. As an EMT, I knew she couldn't continue this path so I said if she hadn't improved come Monday, I was taking her to the ER.

My sweet girl laying on me.

Monday found herself in the ER. She didn't make any progress with the IV fluids they gave her so they made the decision to admit her.

Poor baby was so miserable and tired. Here she is curled up on me with her kitty.

For those who have never been admitted with their toddler, it's tough. You are basically getting admitted with them as you have to stay with them (and I never would've done anything but be with her). But holy boring days. My dad and stepmom visited us. And I had 1 friend offer to come keep us company (someone I hadn't seen in years but how amazing she offered to!) But other than that, it was a long and lonely time at the hospital. Can I encourage you, if you have a friend stuck in the hospital with their child, either offer to visit, or take the time to text or call the mom to help kill time.

I was SO blessed to have been gifted dear nurses to take care of us that are friends I've had with previous deliveries. I don't know what I would've done without them this week!

The crib she refused to sleep in. I had to hold her non-stop which meant I didn't sleep.

Wish I had snapped this board each day she was there as the info and notes changed.

My poor kids were stuck running the house with me laid up with Ava. Thankfully they can take care of chores and cooking just as if I was there. Though I admit, I wish someone would've offered to have brought them a meal to save them from having to cook in addition to all the added responsibility they already were taking on. But once again though, my kiddos stepped up and bonded together to take care of what needed done and did a great job keeping the household running.

A pic of the few meals I ordered for her in hopes of getting her to eat. Their food is pretty good for being hospital food!

My poor baby with her IV pole and dressed in her tiny hospital gown.

She decided she was done with the gown. She was given a special lamb from the Chaplain. Ironically this is similar to the lamb her older brother Noah was given when he was born at this hospital almost 5 years ago.

This is what happened when we walked in the door after spending 2 nights in the hospital, Ava & Olivia missed each other BIG time!! Hugs all around!

Ava is on the road to recovery but is still having issues. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated!


  1. Glad to hear that Ava is doing better. Keeping your family in my prayers. Love you guys. Amber (Knight)

  2. Thankful that you all are home. Hoping she continues to get stronger. How proud you must be of your other children being able to continue at home, making it a tiny bit easier for you. - Lori

    1. Thanks Lori! I am very proud and thankful for my older children who are such a HUGE help especially in times like this.


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