S is For Smiling Sunrise

We are big book lovers in this household and always enjoy reading over new ones. We were recently given to review S is for Smiling Sunrise by author Vick Wadhwa, published by WordsBright.

Most books are written due to an idea an author had but what makes this book special is that the author penned it for his daughter when she was just 2 years old. He wanted to make a catchy way for her to not only learn her ABC's, but also as a way for her to learn character development, vocabulary, teaching words and so many other concepts. In addition to the book, he also has a downloadable free MP3 of the book put to the ABC tune as well as a free Teachers Guide. Both these additions take this book beyond your every day ABC book. You could easily use this as a launching point for preschool lessons.

This book is a hard cover book with 32 pages. Each letter has it's own page and on that page it shows both the upper and lower case version of that letter. Each page also has it's own dominating color which means you could use this book to also help teach colors. The letters each have their own four line poem that teaches different concepts such as their senses, character traits, objects and the list goes on. There is a picture to correspond with each letter that is well done and not overly busy.

S is for Smiling Sunshine

Because of all the different poems and pictures, you can teach your child not only their letters and colors but different things about the world around them such as nature, virtues, places, etc. The teachers guide really helps expound on this if you need ideas. Each letter has a concept to teach the child, a question to ask them, vocabulary words to introduce and activities you can do with them having to do with each letter.

The accompanying MP3 can really help a child memorize the book if they aren't of reading age though it's a great book even for those in early elementary as it teaches so much more than the basic ABC's. I do admit I think it would've been really cute to hear a child or a children's choir sing this as I know my little ones really like hearing other children sing.

My 22 month old and 3 year old enjoyed looking at this book and listening to the song. We would talk about each picture and I used some of the prompts from the teachers guide to engage them further. My 3 year knows most of her letters so as we turned each page, I would have her tell me what letter it was and I'd ask both girls to tell me the main color on the page.

If you are looking for a new take on ABC's this would be a cute book. It would also make a great gift as on the first page of the book, it has a place to write the child's name and who it was gifted by.

S is for Sunshine is currently on Amazon for $14.98.

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