Mother's Day 2016

Growing up, I knew I always wanted to be a mom. And boy have I been blessed! I still can't believe I have 8 amazing children who call me mom. They all gave me handmade cards with such sweet notes written inside. What they each wrote was so encouraging to me! I even got a note "from" Noah, written as how he probably would've wrote it as an almost 6 year old.

Hannah blessed me with a foot soak with some lavendar epsom salt and pedicure for a gift! Ahh she knows me well! Nothing more relaxing than having a foot massage!

Susan used her artistic skills and carved a watermelon for dessert! Check out the details!

I love how my kids use their skills and time combined with knowing what my likes are, and gifting me in such a personal way! Those gifts mean more to me than any store bought gift!

The only thing that would've topped this day off was having Noah with us. But someday, I will finally be surrounded by all my children!

Photo taken on our most recent cruise. I was 22 weeks pregnant with Mia.

Thank you kiddos for making me feel so special! I'm so thankful to be your mom!!

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