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You all know I am big into saving money any way possible. Whether it's on household items, food, even gifts, I never pay full price. Did you know Groupon helps save you money on more than just eating out? I recently heard about Groupon Goods and boy was I surprised at all the deals I could find!!

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Seriously, check out all those categories! With the upcoming holidays, this is a great way to shop for gifts for pretty much everyone on your list. Not only do you save time shopping online BUT you will save yourself money as well! Double bonus for this busy homeschooling mom!

With Christmas around the corner, I decided to take a look on Groupon Goods to see what unique gifts I could possibly find for my older girls. At ages 17, 17 & 15, they are a bit more challenging to buy for as they each have their own sense of style and are more into gifts that are useful. (Yes, they inherited my sense of practicality when it comes to gifts! I love it!)

I found some neat bracelets that I think they would each enjoy. Especially the one that you can customize! Both only for $5!! 

My 13 year old son is just about getting out of the "kid stage" of gifts so I searched for something a bit more "teen-ish" for him. He likes listening to music while he showers so I found this affordable water-resistent bluetooth speaker that would allow him to play his favorite music from his iPod.

Groupon Goods also has a huge selection of kitchen gadgets that I am unashamedly browsing through for myself!! I have been pretty impressed so far on the affordable prices I am seeing on many items my family and I would love as gifts.

What are your favorite ways to save money using Groupon?

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